Thursday, May 28, 2020

Tour du Falconhead Manor

In my last post I gave you a quick preview of the first level floor plan of our house and kind of the evolution of our family room in the year we have been living here.

While I was typing the post I kept thinking to myself, "Girl you really need to do a video tour" but it is day 9833493 of this COVID-19 quarantine and my house looks like a bomb hit; there are toys, dirty socks and school work in every nook and cranny of this house.  Seriously though, do your kid's socks just explode off their feet like ours do?  I didn't even think either of them own this many socks, and yet I find them in the foyer, in the play room, stuffed between seat cushions.  The worst is when I find an uneven number and I just stare at the room, glaring, knowing that somewhere in this mess is another sock.  I'll find you sock.  It might not be today.  It might not be tomorrow.  But one day, I will find you.

I digress.

I was wishing I could give you a video tour but the internet does not need to see this chaos, when I stumbled upon a video I made the day we made settlement.  Well done 2019 Me.  It's like you use to blog or something.

It's not the best quality, and I am talking kind of low.  One day, when I can punt everyone out of the house again, I'll make an updated video

If you can't watch the video (or don't feel like listening to me babble... I get it..) here is a floor plan of both the first and second level.

As mentioned in my previous post, and video, the original intent of the front room was to be a formal living room with the dining room right off the kitchen.  With a family room and a heated sun room, we didn't feel the need for an additional seating area.  We did, however, want a bigger dining space so we moved the dining room to the front.  Since we have an eat-in kitchen, we didn't need to have the dining room right off the kitchen.

We used the original dining space as a playroom for the kids until we can finish the basement and make that the kid's hang out spot.  When that happens, we would like to completely gut the kitchen and take down the wall between the kitchen and the playroom, expanding to a gigantic kitchen of my dreams, complete with a monstrous island.


The second floor has four bedrooms, and two full bathrooms.  We have lots of plans for the master bedroom including creating a closet area in the front of the room and expanding the master bath into where the walk-in closet is now.  

I am trying to clean up rooms to photograph, but it's a loosing battle right now, especially since it has rained nearly every day of this quarantine.  Hopefully I can get some updates to the rooms soon. 


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