Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our House

JEGs and I made settlement on Falconhead Cottage on April 7, 2011.  It is a three bedroom twin built in 1923.  Although the house had been gutted and completely renovated just a few years before we moved in, we still have many things we would like to do to put 'our' stamp on the home.

We don't have any mind-blowing 'after' shots (Rome wasn't built in a day ;) but here are some 'before' and ' in progress' pictures for your viewing pleasure...

Living Room
Our living room was dark with two-tone walls of red and brown and smelly carpet:

After ripping up the carpet, we slapped on a coat of Valspar's Jekyll Grand Dining Sea Mist and replaced the subfloor and carpet.   We also added the IKEA HOVAS for husband-friendly seating

Yeah, I was getting my noon news on.  Don't hate on my love for Rick Williams and his sassy ties.  

To Do List: fix staircase landing, built in entertainment center, refinish coffee table and reupholster coffee table, paint chair,  art for the wall above the couch, replace ceiling light, replace wall sconces, and a new couch slipcover.

One of the things that really attracted us to this house was the massive, eat-in kitchen-- and I'm sure you can see why:

After a year of staring at that jelly bean green and hating it, we finally painted the walls Benjamin Moore's Weston Flax

 I got a honey of a deal for a vintage dresser and with the magic of paint, I created extra storage with a buffet

To help maximize the space, JEGs built a little office nook in an otherwise unused corner

To Do List: replace the floor (subfloor and tile), replace the island counter top with butcher block (?), center island in the room better

Right off of the kitchen is a small mudroom that leads out to the backyard.  We currently are using it as a laundry room.  Eventually we would like to add in a small powder room.

Before we can add the powder room, we need to make it a functional laundry room.  We continued the Weston Flax color into this room, and added some super cheap, yet functional storage we scored off of Craigslist.

To Do List: replace subfloor and tile, possible move washer and dryer to basement and create powder room (still on the fence about this idea)

Third Bedroom
At the top of the steps, the first room you will see is our third bedroom.  When we first moved in, we set this us as a walk-in closet.  However, a month later we found out we were expecting, so it was converted into a nursery for our little monster.

After shuffling furniture around, I picked Glidden's Navajo Sands for the wall color, fell in love with a 6ft tree decal and added some colorful linens

 JEGs busted out the plaster in the closet and hung fresh new drywall as well as installed some fabulous Closet Maid in the closet for more beneficial storage.  More details here.

To Do List: build radiator cover, new art for over crib (?)

Guest Room
The next room on our house tour is our guest room.  At first this was just a place to house our junk.  After the news of our pregnancy, we scrambled to make it a suitable place for my mother to stay.

With the addition of  a HUGALUND, this room  doubles tripled as a guestroom/man cave/Hunter's play room.

When the second line showed up on the pee stick, we started making plans to move Hunter from the nursery into a big boy room.  With a little paint, a radiator cover and A LOT of work on the closet, the monster has a space that is all boy.


Our bathroom is modest, but functional.  We love love love the black and white tile on the floor.  The crazy blue paint?  Notstomuch.

We finally did something about the blue paint and covered it up with Glidden's Navajo Sand that was leftover from the baby's room.

To Do List: replace vanity, replace medicine cabinet, replace window sill.  

Master Bedroom
Finally we have our boudoir.  If this were MTv's Cribs, I would be talking about how this is where the magic happens.  However, very little interior design magic has happened here.

We moved the smaller dresser into the baby's room and added some closet space to hold us over till we can do a bigger closet renovation.

To Do List: paint all wood work, bust out closet to create two closets and built in dresser, build radiator cover/bookself, upgrade bed to queen size, art, replace side tables, add wall sconces, add bigger rug.

So there it is- our modest 1200 sq ft of investment.  We’ll share more details about what will go where and what projects we want to take on as things unfold. We’re all about the whole real-time blog-as-we-go thing – especially since we have so many new projects to tackle!  Hope you'll stick around for the ride!


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This house is just too darn cute. What a difference in the living room. It looks so much brighter. I also love all the woodwork and the doors. Yay!

Celia said...

ahhhh the living room looks soooo much better "in progress" :) great job! your home looks great!

Nolan Anderson said...

Well, your crib has a lot of potential. You just have to go wild with your imagination and your crib would be awesome! BTW, your living room looks so much better now. Great Job.

Christina said...

I love your home! It's comfy and you can tell "real people" live there! Cheers!