Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Not-So-DIYed Hoodie

Ladies, remember when you were in high school and it was your prom day and you whipped out a button down shirt to wear to the hair salon so you wouldn't muss your hair?

Consider this the grown-up version.

Now it is all about the Sexy Little Bride hoodies, ala this one from Victoria's Secret

or more recently, brides have begun personalizing their hoodies-- even going as far as blinging it out

I loved this idea, and in my DIY induced-fever I decided to give this a whirl.

I knew I definetly wanted a hoodie, but I also liked the idea of a tank top as well. I grabbed a short sleeve hoodie from Old Navy and a tank top from Gap Outlet. I scoured Michael's for a pack of iron-on transfer sheets and got to work.

I created an image in Photoshop and printed it on the transfer paper. I decided to test it out on the t-shirt first, and boy am I glad I did.

Talk about fail
Even though I followed the direction, the transfer began to peel off from the shirt almost immediately! Also, the transfer was a dingy shade of yellow-- very noticeable against my pristine white shirt!

Friends, I know my limits. It was time to call in someone who knew what they hell they were talking about.

I got in contact with Kim from Wedding Decals to see if she could take a crack at it. Kim specializes in these adorable car decals, and has recently gotten into clothing as well. She has hoodies, tank tops and even underoos!

I sent her the image I had created, and after a few e-mails about size and placement, I dropped off the hoodie to her.

A little over a week later, this beauty was in my possession
I love everything about it; the placement, the size, AND the fact I got to use my own personalized image. I cannot wait to rock this on the big day.

..and yes, I'm wearing sunglasses indoors. Mostly because I hadn't gotten my make-up on yet.
Vanity, thy name is Lizziebeth.


P&S.. I should probably mention that I went with just "Mrs. JEGs" instead of "The Future..." or "Soon to be.." options because I liked the idea of being able to wear it more then just this one day. If I'm going to spend this kind of money on something personalized, I'm going to get a little bit of wear out of it. Also, I could have easily added some bling, but I just wasn't the look I wanted.