Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fabulous March

March... you sucked.  Let me tell you why:

You may have noticed my severe lack in posting this month.  As much as I want to say "oh, I'm so busy packing, blah blah blah"  it's not 100% true-- and I don't want to lie to you friends.  Just as I am getting super excited to purchase our first home, I get hit with a financial one-two punch:  One- I found out that my company has not been taxing me correctly and that I owe back taxes.  Two- the next day I was hit with some medical bills.  Boo yah.   Oh, and to add to the list, I desperately need new tires on my Jeep. 

Combine that with the slighty deary and very cold weather we've been having, I am offically in a funk.  And yes, "funk" is totally a medical term.  So declareth Dr. Lizzie.

There were, however, a few rays of sunshine this month.

1. Traci Getting Married:

After 1,000 month engagement (seriously, it felt like forever) my friend and fellow Philadelphia Knottie Traci was married to her lovey Miki on March 26th.  I had such a blast!  First off, I drank copious amounts of cosmos with some of my favorite Knotties,  Heather, Cassie and Amy.  Secondly, the food.  OH THE FOOD!  Not only did she have 13 passed appetizers as well as the normal cheese and veggies, but she also had an Italian area with crab ravioli, tortellini, and rigatoni, as well as a mashed potato bar with all the fixings.  It's offical-- I require a mashed potato bar at every party, wedding and bar mitzvah I attend from now on.   For dessert she had a candy bar, crepe bar and word on the street there was wedding cake too, but I was too full to indulge at that point.

Oh yeah, and I got to meet Erin Proud from Proud to Plan.  She's kind of a rock star in our corner of the world.

Knottie love with the famous Erin Proud

2. Be Cool Eat A Rita's

Every year, on the first day of spring Rita's gives out free wooder ice.  We had to wait in line for over a half hour for our little cups of happiness, but it was totally worth it and a wonderful way to usher in the spring time.

Peace out March... I hate your face.  April is here and brings happier days (I hope).

Always & Forever,

Monday, March 21, 2011

It's like Christmas in March

Right after our wedding shower last year, JEGs and I decided that we were not going to use any of our gifts until we moved out of the apartment and into our new house.

The thinking behind this was we had everything that we basically needed to survive- plates, cups, silverware, etc- but they were all hand-me-downs from our parents and various garage sale findings.  We registered for all new stuff and we really loved the idea of having all this new stuff to still be new when we moved into our new home.

That's a lot of newness in one paragraph.  OLD.  Just to counteract all the newness.  Moving on...

In the meantime we Jenga'd that ish into the wash closet and there they have been for the past 11 months.  Until this morning when I decided to attack the closet and begin packing.

Holy hell, I forgot what we were given as gifts..

I have a punch bowl!  And a dip serving set!  And I am 95% sure that the big purple box on the right holds a new shower curtain and towels!

a can opener?  Did we even register for that?  MOTHER OF PEARL THERE IS A TOASTER TOO!

I cannot wait for moving day.  If nothing else to open and really appreciate all these "new" gifts!

Oh, and I've gotten a couple e-mails asking how packing was going...

Umm... it's going well. 

Always & Forever,

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lent Again

The title of this post is supposed to be a play on words... like 'yet again' it's 'lent again'.  Meh.  I've done better.

Remember last year when I gave up alcohol for Lent?  Well, it went so well that I've decided to do it again this year.


I ain't never doing that to myself ever again. 

Ok..maybe if I get pregnant I'll go 9 months, but until then I will not deny myself the sauce!
(right now my mother is assembling the team for the intervention).

Seriously though, this year I'm giving up coffee.  I've never considered myself a serious coffee drinker-- then again I never thought I was an alcoholic till this time last year.  I really do love my morning coffee, especially on Saturday and Sunday mornings;  JEGs and I roll out of bed, make our coffee and plop on the couch- he watches Horsepower TV on Spike, while I flip through a magazine.  It has become such routine that on these days the first human-like thing I'll mumble to him is "you want coffee?" before we fully wake up.

Whereas last year I gave myself a couple free passes, this year I won't allow it.  No coffee will enter my body until Easter morning.

Today, however, I'm treating myself to a big old cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee-- my fav!

Happy Mardi Gras!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fabulous January/ February

Today we have a double feature of fabulous month-- it's like Rocky Horror, but without  the transvestites, sexual innuendos and singing lips.  So forget the cold shower, sit down and let's recount the past two months of fabulosity:

Changing my name
Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls.  I would like to officially announce that as of the 19th of January in the year of our Lord 2011, I  changed my name from Miss M to Mrs. G.  It only took me six months.  Now a moment of silence for my maiden name, please. 

Jergens handlotion
This time of the year is torture on my skin.  It gets so dry and irritated-- it's almost painful to wear clothing.  I get the usual dry hands, but the skin on my back under my bra strap gets chapped and so do my hips.   Enter stage left, the best lotion EVER.  It soothes my skin all day long (which is practically unheard of) and it has a really light scent-- which makes JEGs happy. 

Cora Claire
Our good friends Bonnie and Andy gave birth to their first child  on January 15th!  She entered the world weighing an itty bitty 6 lbs 1 oz, but has brought tons of joy to that family!

 House hunting
I'm putting out there-- our agent, Kim Rock, is a star.  Dare I say.. a ... rockstar?  She has made this whole process so enjoyable for us.  She has been able to explain things to us in terms we can understand and has been 100% honest with us.  We walked into a house and not two minutes into it she said "If you guys are seriously thinking about this house, I'm going to talk you out of it".  Where as a lot of real estate agents might stop taking your calls at 5:00, Kim was e-mailing us information about our contract from a bar on a Friday night. Anytime a problem has come up, she has been right there giving us advice and really helping us through the whole process.  And she allows me to post pictures of her with naked chicks. Rock.  STAR.

I did not go to Penn State.  In fact, I'm kinda of anti-PSU.  I don't understand the mindset or how it becomes a way of life.   Regardless, there is one thing I can get on board about, and that's THON.  I always almost run over  donate to the college students who are canning on the streets.  This year they were able to raise a staggering 9.5 million dollars towards childhood cancer.  I don't care who you cheer for on the football field-- that's kind of impressive.

Skinny Cow
In an effort to get back down to my welter weight, I have really been trying to eat better.  The problem is, I kinda love ice cream.  Like, really love ice cream.  Luckily I stumbled upon Skinny Cow and now I'm addicted.  The ice cream is so smooth and creamy-- it doesn't taste low fat at all!  My new favorite is the White Mint Truffle, and at only 100 calories a bar, I don't feel so guilty indulging in one!

January and February.. get to gettin'.  March is here and it bring spring on it's heels!

Always & Forever,