Friday, October 30, 2009

Fabulous October

This most fabulous things about October are as follows:
candy corn
changing leaves
pumpkin spice lattes
Go Phillies!
halloween costumes
spiced apple wine
cuddling up with someone you love on a cold night.

Finally, today is my oldest brother's 41st birthday.
Happy birthday to my "favorite" brother, Fussell.

(I am so dead for posting this picture.)

Always & Forever,

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

House Crashing: Dub C style.

I would first like to add a disclaimer to this post: these pictures were taken at night time and after good ole LB here had a couple margaritas. This is not my best photography. That being said...

Friends, meet Whitney and Max.

These two lovebirds just purchased their first home together right outside downtown West Chester, and today we are house crashing it! It is a "house in progress" as they said, but it's adorable and has loads of potetial to be stunning!

This three-story twin was built in 1890 and still has a lot of the original charm. How adorable is the front porch? I love the detailing of the window.

Now let's travel inside.

Before I show you anything else, I need to show the original hardwood floors that are throughout the entire house.
Do you hate them yet? Just wait, there is more.

The front room is still in transition, but Max and Whitney took the time to change the walls from a strange baby blue to this classic navy and crisp white combination

They informed me that this furniture placement is not definite. Obviously the television will get a better stand.

I do love the rug and the throw pillows. I think she said they were from Pottery Barn. ::swoon::
As we meander down the hall from the front of the house to the back, we'll make a right at the first doorway into the dining room.

This another room in transition, but can't you see the potential with the beautiful architecture??
built in curio cabinet

pocket doors that lead back to the hallway
two small windows flank either side of the larger window to bring more light in the day time
The kitchen is in the rear of the house, just off the dining room- and evidently where the party was on Saturday!

The cabinets are original to the house and are so stinking high, it's a good thing Max and Whitney are both super tall!

I think this picture really gives you a good prospective how how tall the cabinets are. Whitney is 5'10, easily, and they still tower over her!

The backsplash is a beautiful hammered tin design that continues under the cabinets for a finished look to compliment the wall-mounted lights above the stove.

The main light in the kitchen also holds the world's oldest working light bulb- or something to that effect. Sorry, tequila makes me not pay attention...
Now let's head back out to the main room and travel up the stairs...

..and like I said before, if you didn't have mulitple margaritas, the steps aren't as fuzzy ;)

Speaking of steps, let's stop and take a look at the original banister

Once you hit the top of the stairs, directly infront of you is a staircase to head back down to the kitchen. It's like the Tanner Family house!
The second floor bathroom is so very pretty

I love the choice for tile

The original window is no longer in use (I'll explain in a minute why) and instead of sealing it off, they replaced the glass with mirrors for a larger let-me-check-myself type mirror.

beautiful sink area and other little details that make the bathroom sooo super charming

The master bedroom is the next room over, and, although the colors choosen are lovely, at first it doesn't look so "masterful" because it is smaller in size

the room is directly above the dining room so it has the same small side windows
but then you realize, 'wait, this is a master suite.. let's check out the bathroom'. Then, you start to swoon a little

Hello, it's beautiful. But that's not the best part. Remember when I said the window in the other bathroom wasn't in use anymore? That's because there was an addition to the house for the most amazing closet I have ever seen in person

this is the room that backs up to the other bathroom

view from the other side
The closet even has its own temperature control so if you are getting dressed in the morning and it's kind of chilly, you can bump up the temp. Bitchin' technology.

And because I love a diva with a shoe and purse collection, I'm showing off Whitney's

Each room has a touch sensor dimmer switch.. for mood lighting... VeryNiceILike.
The second floor also houses the original master bedroom in the front, which will eventually become Max's "Man Cave".

Now we are headed up to the third floor.

At the top of the stair case there is this fun little built in for brica-brack that has beautiful crown molding

The first room on the right is Whitney's office
With floor to ceiling windows like those, I would be working from home more often!

She has this adorable little dog door stop in the office. I have to confess, it took everything I had not to swipe him on the way out. However, it would be totally noticable I don't steal.
At the end of the hallway is the guest room. This room holds a special place in my heart because JEGs and I...

helped paint it. What did you think I was going to say, dirty bird?

JEGs did test out the bed, however. I'm sure we will be crashing there a couple times

..and he looked so comfy that I couldn't resist. At least I took my shoes off.
We headed back downstairs, but first I snapped a few pictures of the back stairwell, and it's cute painted on checker board and pantry door.

Max and Whitney also have a finished basement, a sun room, and adorable backyard. But don't worry, I'll be back to their place to update everyone on their work in progress.
Perhaps this time when it is sunny out. And I'll be sober.
Always & Forever,