Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Coming out of Hibernation

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I took the day off work yesterday.  No big plans, nothing had to be done;  I just wanted the day off.  JEGs and I realized with the work we wanted to do on the house and the few weddings we had this summer we weren't going on a vacation, so I've decided to use up my six days of PTO sporadically through out the summer with three day weekends (something I never get with my job).

Anyway, JEGs took off too, dropped Hunter off at daycare at 7 am and snuggled back into bed until 9:30 am.  I had a massage scheduled for 10:15 and afterwards we drove to Coyote Crossing in Conshohoken for lunch.  JEGs had a monster sized burrito (as you can see above) and I ordered the mango and duck quesadillas -- or what I now refer to as "quackadillas".   We came home, sat on the porch, contemplated a few house projects and snuggled and smooched on the couch like we were still dating.  It was a wonderful way to remind myself what I used to be like before the stresses of being a wife/homeowner/mother came.

After a particularly difficult winter (depression/ sickness/ family traumas) I am really looking forward to the spring.  The weather in Philadelphia has been beautiful the past couple of days and I can feel my spirits lifting.  I can feel my creativity coming out of hibernation, and  hope that means a resurgence on the blog.  I miss blogging.  I have a couple small projects that we did over the winter months that I'd like to catch up on, and hopefully JEGs and I can pull together the funds to do some bigger projects (that's right guestroom/man cave/ playroom.  I'm looking at you and your Buzz Blaster Blue walls).

How about you- does your creativity go into hibernation when the weather gets colder?

Always & forever,

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Freckles Chick said...

Omg yum, those margs & foods.

Good for you, mama!! You bust your ass working & raising that amazing Monster of yours, hell yeah, you deserve this! Your day sounds awesome--a mini staycation of sorts. I truly believe it's little days like those that lift us up, you know?

Also, cuddling the hubs is more important than ever post-baby. #bowchickabowwow

Looking forward to your posts! I feel like this was the longest winter on record in more ways than one, so spring BRING IT ON.