Thursday, September 5, 2013

Color My World: What a (S)teal!

Target aficionados (like myself) know that they sell little bottles of nail polish for $.97 in their beauty department.  I've past them a couple of times, but as a die hard fan of Sally Hansen and O.P.I, I've scoffed at their cheap price tag.  I may be cheap, but I do have standards.

The other day, I was meandering through during my lunch break, and I saw the Tudor City Teal.  As someone who sticks to classics like pink, red and nude, this was far outside my comfort zone.  I figured that for under a dollar, I was willing to take the risk.

I am still on the fence about the color.  Like I said, this is not something I would normally rock, but let me show you my other purchases that day: new planner and a sweet little bow key chain snagged from the Dollar Spot in the same hue.  Oddly enough, I didn't realize they were the same colors until I got home.

And further more, it's an almost identical match to my cellphone case (please look past the dirt of daily use):

So while I thought this was a new and daring color for me, I'm realizing it's a color I surround myself on the daily.  Which leads me to think, why not on my nails?

Watch out world, I've got teal on my nails.  Ain't nothin gonna stop me now.

Always & Forever,


Lola said...

Love that color! Turquoise and teal are totally my life! I've also gotten much more adventurous with nail polish recently - as long as it doesn't make you look dead (the wrong blue/gray/green can do that), go for it!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I'm loving this color lately, too. Great minds clearly do think (and buy) alike.