Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Santa Babies 2015

It's that time of year again!  Time to shell out twenty-five bucks for a picture of your kids sitting on a stranger's lap.  

It's Mall Santa Time!!!

Ok, so there is Tessa.  But where is Hunter you ask?  Well, that's fun story, so settle in with a snack and I shall share with you.

One Friday afternoon, JEGs took a half day off work so we could take the chitlins to see Santa.  Hunter was super psyched.  When we told him what we were doing, he started jumping up and down with excitement.  

So we wait in line and talk about what he is going to ask Santa (the Stellosphere, in case you are wondering), but when it is our turn to sit on his lap, Hunter won't go up to him and walks away.  He isn't scared, he isn't crying, he just refuses.  We try to coax him, but he is not interested.  Thinking he is being is normal stubborn, 4-year-old self, we get Tessa's picture taken and call it a day.

Later that evening, JEGs is putting the monster to bed, and he asks him why he didn't want to sit on Santa's lap and the kid bursts out crying.  He starts saying Santa looked angry because the Elf on the Shelf told Santa that Hunter hasn't been a good listener and Hunter was scared Santa would be mad at him.

You guys.... we don't even have an Elf on the Shelf.  

Right after Thanksgiving we talked about getting one because Hunter has been mouthy lately.  (Oh 4.  What a fun fun age.  #sarcasmfont).  But being the super cheap skate that I am, I didn't want to shell out $30 for one.  So we mentioned a couple times that the Elf might show up, but that was it.  

Of course we are completely heart broken that he was this upset over something we didn't even have, so I took him back to a different Santa- with the explanation that Santa goes to different malls every day- so he could tell him he was going to work on being a good boy... and he would like the Stellosphere.

I asked him if he wanted to have his picture taken with Tessa, and he said no because she already had her own picture.  I figured that was fair enough.

  So for 2015 Hunter is getting is final singular picture with Santa, because I sure as hell am not spending $50 on pictures with Santa again.

Always & Forever,


JEGs said...

That kid amazes me. The first Santa didn't look jolly in my opinion. The face he put on for the picture with tessa was about 60% more jolly than he resting face. I remember thinking that when I saw him. And Hunter picked right up on it and his little gears started turning.

Bridget said...

Kids are amazing, they pick up on the littlest things but they mean so much to them. By the way 4?!?!?! How can he be 4? Sorry that sounds stalkerish but I remember reading when you brought him home. Tessa is adorable as well, such a cute sweet looking family!