Wednesday, February 2, 2011

House Hunting: Twin

 With the fourth house on our house hunting tour, JEGs and I were seeing double (get it, it's a twin??  Ba dum cheeee)

The Stats:
Built: 1927
Style: Two Story Twin
Beds/Baths: 3  1/0
Sq Ft: 1,197
Garage: No

We walked into a small, but quaint living room

Say hello to the world's most awkwardly placed fireplace

The kitchen was large and recently renovated (and very bright green)

Hmmm.. those colors look rather familiar, don't they?

Upstairs the original hardwood floors were still intact, and I adored the natural light in master bedroom.

There was a single, full bath upstairs that had been renovated as well

The second bedroom made for a spacious guest room

Kim from NewlyWoodwards-- this room made me think of you ;)

A smaller bedroom was perfect for an office

Who wants a floor plan??  You do?  Good, I have one:

We found out the current owners had completely gutted the house and renovated everything.  I'm talking besides the obvious flooring, kitchen and bathroom, all the wiring, the heating system, even the roof was under six years old. 

The neighborhood was so charming and I fell in love with it as soon as we drove through (and yes, it even had sidewalks!)

The yard was huge!

Although a fireplace wasn't on my wish list, I am starting to love the idea of having one.

I had my heart set on a fixer-upper, and even though this is renovated, there are still some things that JEGs and I can do to put our stamp on the home.

Full sized basement with Bilco doors- which is another strange thing I've always wanted.  Bilco doors, that is.  They make me feel like I have better protection in a tornado. Because Pennsylvania is riddled with twisters...

 No garage.  Whomp whomp.

It is at the very tippy top of our price range.

Negative closet space.  My clothes will probably have to go in the guest room closet.  There also isn't a linen closet or a coat closet.  Creativity will be the name of the game.

Can we all agree that is the MOST AWKWARD arrangement of a fireplace?

Only one bathroom and it's upstairs.  I'm not totally against our guest having full access to our are of showering, but I wish we could have something on the same level as the entertaining.

This pretty much concludes our house hunting/crashing.  JEGs and I have a lot to discuss, but I'm curious, what do YOU think we should pick?  The duplex, the rancher, the bungalow or this twin?  C'mon, you know that's your favorite part about House Hunters on HGTV- trying to figure out which house they choose ;)

Always & Forever,


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I love this one! Love the fireplace and the kitchen.

And, I'm loving the nursery. I think that's the same quilt that my sil has.

Cannot WAIT to see what you choose!

Oonafey said...

Really? That's it? Four and you're done... Crazy kids. We looked at like four dozen - our poor agent.

I vote Bungalow.

LB's Oldest Brother said...

I know! I know!

Christen said...

They're all good choices! Can't wait to see which one you pick and what you do with it!

Shannon said...

I vote this one! That kitchen is suh-weet! And you can decorate the shit out of that fireplace mantle. Although I'm really not sure why you insist on torturing me in this fashion though. JUST TELL US WHICH ONE YOU BOUGHT!!!!