Saturday, February 12, 2011

Work Uniform

I am so ready for the spring.

I am ready to wear cute shoes again.  Cute shoes with skirts.  Anything besides what I have dubbed my "uniform" of late:

Layers.  Lots and lots of layers.

Not only am I wearing a t-shirt and sweatshirt, but I also have on two pairs of pants (yoga pants under the jeans) two pairs of socks and very warm boots.

Alright Mother Nature... bring on the warmth.

Always & Forever,


Katie said...

That is so similar to my work "uniform" & it is quite is even too cold in Charleston for anything else!

Shannon said...

A to the men! But it's coming right? Like tomorrow? And dang Gina, two pairs of pants? Have you been riding on the outside of the chopper? Dangling from a wire over the Schuykill? Meanwhile over here, I'm in a tank top and bare feet because babies make me 302 degrees at all times.

Oonafey said...

I know how you feel... I was reading my new Lucky this morning and I used up all the "Yes" stickers on awesome sandals and cute skirts. Can't wait!

Vee said...

Well, you do look comfortable! But I'm ready for some warm weather clothes, too - the mall is already stocking them, but that just pissed me off. Also, I have a friend who went to Arcadia!