Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fabulous March

March... you sucked.  Let me tell you why:

You may have noticed my severe lack in posting this month.  As much as I want to say "oh, I'm so busy packing, blah blah blah"  it's not 100% true-- and I don't want to lie to you friends.  Just as I am getting super excited to purchase our first home, I get hit with a financial one-two punch:  One- I found out that my company has not been taxing me correctly and that I owe back taxes.  Two- the next day I was hit with some medical bills.  Boo yah.   Oh, and to add to the list, I desperately need new tires on my Jeep. 

Combine that with the slighty deary and very cold weather we've been having, I am offically in a funk.  And yes, "funk" is totally a medical term.  So declareth Dr. Lizzie.

There were, however, a few rays of sunshine this month.

1. Traci Getting Married:

After 1,000 month engagement (seriously, it felt like forever) my friend and fellow Philadelphia Knottie Traci was married to her lovey Miki on March 26th.  I had such a blast!  First off, I drank copious amounts of cosmos with some of my favorite Knotties,  Heather, Cassie and Amy.  Secondly, the food.  OH THE FOOD!  Not only did she have 13 passed appetizers as well as the normal cheese and veggies, but she also had an Italian area with crab ravioli, tortellini, and rigatoni, as well as a mashed potato bar with all the fixings.  It's offical-- I require a mashed potato bar at every party, wedding and bar mitzvah I attend from now on.   For dessert she had a candy bar, crepe bar and word on the street there was wedding cake too, but I was too full to indulge at that point.

Oh yeah, and I got to meet Erin Proud from Proud to Plan.  She's kind of a rock star in our corner of the world.

Knottie love with the famous Erin Proud

2. Be Cool Eat A Rita's

Every year, on the first day of spring Rita's gives out free wooder ice.  We had to wait in line for over a half hour for our little cups of happiness, but it was totally worth it and a wonderful way to usher in the spring time.

Peace out March... I hate your face.  April is here and brings happier days (I hope).

Always & Forever,


bethany said...

I wondered what happened to you! But, I assumed the moving took over and consumed your soul.

Ugh. There's nothing worse than unexpected tax-owing. The one year I spent waitressing ended that way...and I could have cried. Who has $800 lying around to pay ol' Uncle Sam? Can't they deduct it from next year? DRAG.

Sorry for the rough month. Hopefully April brings you showers of joy. ;)

Amanda said...

Hopefully you are pulled outta the funk in April. Can I just say, I love the blue dress on you?! :)

Shannon said...

Uggh eff that. Those types of moments make me want to crawl in a closet and cry ugly cries. Sorry pal. But you did look phenomenal at that wedding. The hair, the dress, the jewelry...perfect.