Monday, March 21, 2011

It's like Christmas in March

Right after our wedding shower last year, JEGs and I decided that we were not going to use any of our gifts until we moved out of the apartment and into our new house.

The thinking behind this was we had everything that we basically needed to survive- plates, cups, silverware, etc- but they were all hand-me-downs from our parents and various garage sale findings.  We registered for all new stuff and we really loved the idea of having all this new stuff to still be new when we moved into our new home.

That's a lot of newness in one paragraph.  OLD.  Just to counteract all the newness.  Moving on...

In the meantime we Jenga'd that ish into the wash closet and there they have been for the past 11 months.  Until this morning when I decided to attack the closet and begin packing.

Holy hell, I forgot what we were given as gifts..

I have a punch bowl!  And a dip serving set!  And I am 95% sure that the big purple box on the right holds a new shower curtain and towels!

a can opener?  Did we even register for that?  MOTHER OF PEARL THERE IS A TOASTER TOO!

I cannot wait for moving day.  If nothing else to open and really appreciate all these "new" gifts!

Oh, and I've gotten a couple e-mails asking how packing was going...

Umm... it's going well. 

Always & Forever,


Vee said...

The thought of moving makes me hyperventilate... just like that last picture!

bethany said...

Oh my heavens. Moving is such a dirty biatch, isn't it?

You forget just how much oddball stuff you have until you begin to comprehend carrying it all down stairs and into's overwhelming.

But at least you'll reap the sweet, sweet reward of opening all your new things. Like that food processor...I'd kill for that! :)

Best of luck!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I love the idea of waiting to use them. It's so fun to get to use them all at once! We waited until after the wedding (which was kinda obvious since that's when we moved into the house). It was so stinkin' fun.

Packing will come eventually. No rush, really. ;) My grandma's advice that I've stuck to - take it one room at a time. Lots of people try to do all the unpacking at once. The Viviani way is to pick and room and go start to finish. Then you have at least one awesome, clean and organized room instead of a bunch of rooms in various states of unpackedness. =) It worked for us.

Oonafey said...

Oh mylanta... I get hives just looking at the last pic. When we moved, we did it a few carloads at a time. I just threw shit in boxes. I didn't label anything. It was awful. LABEL YOUR BOXES! lol

I love Kim's reasoning about tackling one room at a time. Genius. I do not have the attention span for that.

Shannon said...

Hahaha I did the same thing as Oona, just piled whatever would fit into the car and did about 15 trips. What a g-damn mess.

But for reals, how smart are you guys, saving presents. Of course, it looks like you got some decent stuff. I registered for totally necessary things like quesadilla makers. Which now that I think about it, went out in the great yard sale of '08.

Lynett said...

Moving sucks but opening presents is awesome!!!!

Amanda said...

Ugh, that last picture kills me. I hate moving. Packing up and then working so hard on the actual moving day--pain in the butt.

But look at all the loot. Have fun unpacking all of those! :)