Friday, April 29, 2011

Fabulous April

Oh April.  You started off rainy, rainy, rainy.  I'll let it go because this last week has been gorgeous. 
Let's talk about some other gorgeous things about this month, shall we?

Homeowners- whut WHUT
 Clearly this has to be number one on the list.  We bought a friggin HOUSE.  It still blows my mind.

That's right.  I was sold by Kim Rock.
 Adele- Rolling In The Deep
  This song is my new obsession.  Like, driving-down-the-road-singing-at-the-top-of-my-lungs-obsession.  I liked Adele before, but now I'm a fan.

  I love Peeps, and you know I will only eat them stale.  I'm sure I can get Peeps somewhere anytime of the year, but I will only eat them around Easter.  Because that's what makes them special. 
"Peep Show" never gets old to me.

Royal Wedding
  I confess when I first heard that Will and Kate were engaged, I didn't really care that much.  Honestly, I'm an American, what do I care about the royal family of another country?  Well, apparently a lot more then I'd like to admit.  After learning that Kate Middleton is a commoner (unlike Diana who was born into an aristocratic family with royal blood), I started to like her.  As the event grew to a fever pitch, I joined the fun.  No, I didn't order any commemorative plates, but I plan on being up at 6:00 am for the start of the wedding.
[Edit]  So Kate looked AMAZING-- love the dress.  She looked like a modern day princess.  Will... couldn't have used some Rogaine.

April, you were pretty cool, but you've over stayed your welcome.  Bring on MAY!

Always & Forever,


Danielle and Clint said...

LOL! That peep show is too funny! I was getting ready for work and had the royal wedding on. Ten years ago, I went to London and bought a postcard of William when he was a mega babe. Now Harry is the babe!

kp said...

Wait a minute...I had not noticed the incredibly adorable shoes in your home purchase picture. LOVE.

I was obsessed with the royals too. I woke up the kid, and forced her to watch all the coverage, starting at 4 am. We are making memories, here people.

Oh, and yea, fabulous April and all.