Thursday, April 7, 2011

Farewell to Falconhead

Today is the big day:  settlement on Falconhead Cottage.  Even though we are really looking forward to moving up the property ladder, we are both a little sentimental about leaving our first home together.  Every nook and cranny of this place has a memory:

Looking at the walls, I remember the day we painted them.  JEGs woke up with BPPV and couldn't look up without feeling dizzy and nauseous.  Because of this, I had to paint most of the apartment myself!

Lots of parties, include our impromptu pumpkin carving

We've loved- and lost- two fantastic pets here; Murphy and Layla

We spent many warm evenings sitting on the front porch together.

There have been many hours of couch-snuggling.

There have also been many hours of chasing each other around the breakfast bar-- sometimes with NERF guns.

Our first Christmas tree together

Plenty of cooking successes, and failures

This is the place we came home to after we got engaged

To round out this trip down memory lane, let's take quick look back at the first time we walked through the halls two rooms of Falconhead.  JEGs took a video of that first day.

A couple things you may have noticed:
*I giggle like a chipmunk.
*My bizarre dancing. Right now my mom is asking why she spent all that money on dance lessons
*JEGs does an impressive Napoleon Dynamite
*The most annoying security system that beeps three times every time we open the doors
*Our first names. Oops.
*The usual JEGs and Lizzie bantering (including an edited section where someone gave me the finger ;)

I felt so comfortable in this apartment;  as soon as we moved the furniture in, I felt like I was 'home'.  I don't know if it was just the right place for us to be, or maybe it was because we were together, but I hadn't felt this comfortable since I lived in the house I grew up in.  

Here's hoping I can find the same comfort in our new home ;)

Always & Forever,


Amanda said...

Ahh! Yay for new fresh houses (and having trips down memory lane...). Hopefully we'll get a JEGS tour at the next Falconhead.

P.S. All I can think about is that I now know your real first name! You've been LB/Lizzie for so long to me, that I can't believe your first name isn't actually Lizzie :)

LB's Oldest Brother said...

I actually had to watch this three times before where your name was used. I guess I just always think of my baby sister as Lizzie that it is all I ever hear.

Lynett said...

Aw.... You will definitely find the same (or better ) comfort it the new home, you'll see! Good luck!