Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pregnancy: Weeks 28 & 29

My Stats:
 * That scale reads an extra 20 lbs.  I give it the stink eye out of habit.
 * Waistline is 40.5 inches

The Monster's Stats
*He is gaining more energy, thus moving around a lot more. I think he is preparing for the Olympics in there.
* He is now strong enough to grasp a finger.  So I totally picture him grabbing the umbilical cord ala 'Look Who's Talking' and saying "Hey Ma.  How about some more OJ down here?"
* He recognizes my voice now (Mental Note:  REALLY need to stop cussing so much).
*According to the Fruit-O-Meter, we are now the size of a squash.  But between you and me, that looks like a pumpkin. 
Pregnancy Fun Facts:
  Prenatal vitamins make your nails grow like weeds.  I have to clip my talons nearly twice a week.  I have just about given up on nail polish.

As my belly expands, I have noticed that stretch marks I had previously (from puberty) have gotten deeper.  I haven't noticed any new one yet, so that's a good thing!

Energy Level/ Sleep:
  The past couple weeks have been more comfortable.  The night sweats have gone away, and the little guy has started to calm down when I lay down-- either that or I have gotten really good at just ignoring him.  Mother of the year award?  I think so.

 Food.  In general.  Who are we kidding?  That extra 20 lbs didn't come from me eating plain lettuce.

Mood Swings:
  I think I have evened out.  You might want to ask JEGs to be sure though.  In the super market the other day he went to pick up the lettuce and I said "the bag specifically says 'Just Lettuce'" to help him out.  Well, he heard that as " I specifically said 'just lettuce'".    So I guess my bitchasaurus rears it's ugly head more often then I am aware of.  Oops.

Other Stuff:
 I don't feel the little guy kicking as much, but I do feel him moving and pushing.  It's fun/cool/creepy to watch my stomach move as he pushes on it.  I'm also starting to learn where certain body parts are located-- like I can tell if is head is wedge up in my ribs.

I have dubbed JEGs the 'baby whisperer'.  Every time I tell him to come over and feel the baby move, he little guy stops as soon as JEGs' hand is on my stomach.  Daddy's boy.  Pfft.  Whatever.

I passed my glucose test!  Hooray for diabetes-free!

I was watching A Baby Story the other day and as the mom gave birth I started to cry.  This overwhelming feeling of excitement and love came over me.  As much as I am still a little scared to go through this, the idea of meeting my son as started to become a reality.  I hope he likes me :)

Always & Forever,


bethany said...

Oh my have a SQUASH inside you? Little dude is seriously growing fast! :) I feel like it was just a few weeks ago that you found out you were preggo, and now you're safely into the third trimester, and this pregnancy thing is totally old hat to you. You've got it down.

LB, I seriously cannot wait to see you become a mom. I mean, you are a mom now with an inside baby.

It's girls like you and Shannon who leave me feeling like having a babe (someday) does not mean the end of the world. It's not game over. It's just a new chapter with new challenges, and even more love than you ever imagined.

That was cheesy, I know. But seriously. I'm totally jazzed for you. :)

Shannon said...

Of course he'll like you! He might even LOVE you! :) Dude, you were there, I didn't have a sparkledreamdust pregnancy but man, the simple everyday stuff I get now made it all worth it. Even when I think back on "lightening crotch" pains (which I hope you never get btw) I just look at Gabe's smushy little face and it's out the window.

Oh and btw, the lettuce story? Um, that sounds like a normal event in my house these days. The mood swings started the day I gave birth and have yet to see their way to the door. John LOVES it.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

It makes me laugh that you give the scale the stink eye on reflex. I love reading these posts.

*claire* said...

omg, i have a new fave vocab word: bitchasaurus

you are looking great - and your last part is very touching! you will be a great mama!