Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Shore Traditions

At least once a summer JEGs and I try to spend a weekend down my parent's shore house (which I crashed here).   In honor of our 'almost' anniversary, we went last weekend.

One tradition we have is we take a quick drive to the lighthouse, Barnegat Light-- or 'Old Barney', as I fondly refer to him.

The lighthouse wasn't opened when we got there- and honestly, I don't know if I could have huffed and puffed up the 217 steps right now- but we did not pass up a chance to stroll down the promenade

The rocks are... what?  Happy?  Sad?  Indifferent?  How very existential..

The yearly picture of us at the lighthouse

Commemorating the first of many trips for baby to Old Barney. 

One thing that is never lacking at the lighthouse is fishermen.  They are usually settled every 10 ft or so.

There was a rock jetty that JEGs was brave enough to venture out onto.

Not even kidding, we watched that crane hunt for food for a good 10- 15 minutes.  We are like kittens with string-- easily amused.
No JEGs is an island...

Another tradition we have every time we go to the lighthouse, is to stop at a gift shop called Andy's at the Light

This is the kind of store that has sea shore memorabilia like t-shirts, pictures, games, and figurines

..and you can't forget the sea shell with the Lord's Prayer painted on it.  That is vital.

However, JEGs and I don't mess with any of that.  We enter the store with one purchase in mind:
glass bottled soda
It usually of a cream or black cherry variety. 

Cheers to us.

There is one final tradition my family has had since I was a child.  On one certain route to and from the coast, we pass two vegetable markets right next to each other.

The Green Top Market:

...and The Red Top Market

I am not even kidding when I say they are directly next to each other.  Whenever we pass we honk and clap for the market with more cars in the parking lot-- because clearly they are winning in this epic market war.

Something funny that I just thought of;  I have never once stopped and gotten produce at either of these markets.  I think I prefer to be impartial.

Do you have any traditions for the summer??  Have some been with your family as long as you can remember, or something you have just started within the past year?

Always & Forever,

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*claire* said...

i love traditions :)

it will be fun for you to look back at all of the different years of pictures at old barney!