Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fabulous January

Let's pretend like I posted this in a timely matter and not like it took me two weeks to write.  Blah blah blah, baby excuse.  I plan on using that excuse for the next 18 years?  My water bill is late?  Back off, I have children.  I think it will work.  

Anyway, on to some events that made January rockin' with fabulousity.

Holiday free is the way to be.

You guys, I am not even going to lie-- I was so over the holidays this year.  Normally I am bursting at the seams with tidings of joy, but this year... eh.  I think between the onset of visitors from the baby, and then Thanksgiving and Christmas and ahhhhhh!  I was just happy for our schedule (and bank account) to chill out for a little.


Confession:  I was so anti-Keurig for the longest time.  I kind of had this mind set that Keurig owners were kind of impatient because honestly, you can't wait an extra minute or two for a cup of coffee to brew?  Jeebus.  However, now that I am breast feeding, I need to lay off the crack caffeine, so it was becoming difficult for JEGs and I to use the same coffee pot.  I would have to brew a pot of decaf and then he would have to brew a pot of regular.  It was getting ridiculous.  So we scouted out some after-Christmas sales and used up the last Macy's gift cards from our wedding and got ourselves a Keurig B60.  It is amazeballs.  Seriously, I love it.  Coffee in an instant!  GIVE IT TO ME NOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!   And I love all the little variety packs!  Chocolate Raspberry truffle one day, donut shot decaf the next.  Best purchase ever.

However, we ran into the problem of where to hold all those little pods.  We didn't have the counter space for the carousels.  While we were visiting a friend's house, we saw they had the pod drawer and we were sold.  It sits comfortable under the coffee machine and doesn't take up any additional counter space!

Walk Off the Earth- Somebody That I Used to Know

I don't know about where you live, but the airways of Philadelphia have been brimming with Somebody That I Used to Know by Goyte.  I am slightly obsessed with this song;  I am constantly humming it to myself and when I am in the car I find myself scanning the stations hoping that each commercial break will be followed by the the simple plucking of a guitar.    One day JEGs linked me up to this great cover by a band called Walk off the Earth.  These guys are so. freakin.  AWESOME.   In their version they have five people playing one guitar and singing along.  Consider me double obsessed-- I especially love the guy on the far right with the beard and the skull cap.  If you have a couple extra minutes, check out Walk off the Earth's other stuff, including their cover of LMFAO Party Rock Anthem.

Cora is UNO

Our dear friend's daughter, Cora, turned a year old this month.  She had an UNO themed birthday party complete with UNO card bunting and a custom made t-shirt.   Isn't she adorbs?  I love her little Red- inspired ponytails.

January, OUT.

Always & Forever,

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Lkehm said...

LOVE that song too!!!! It is so simple and I find it stuck in my head all day.