Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's All Lovey-Dovey Up in This Place

I've said before, Christmas aside, I'm not much for holiday decor.   I've never really had to the urge to go all out each time the calendar shows a red number.  However, now I have a mantle and I feel compelled to decorate it for the seasons.  

Well, that and I am totally procrastinating from sorting through boxes from our move (::cough::nearlyayearago:::cough::) for things to keep as permanent decor on the mantle.  

First off, can we talk about our new mirror?  Doncha love it?  I do.  It's the HEMNES from IKEA and for $45 it was a no-brainer.  I was literally obsessed with it for days until I finally pulled the trigger and bought it.  It makes me happy.

Random note:  how do you pronounce HEMNES?  In my mind I am totally thinking Hermes, but that might be so I can feel like I bought something really fancy, and not a budget-friendly Swedish knock-off.

Anyway, I made bunting out of card stock and  printed  letters from Martha Stewart.  This is my go-to source for letters;  I've used it so many other times.  You can also see them here.

pay no attention to the blogger in the mirror...

I printed out one of my all-time favorite quotes and framed it (a la last year)

 Instead of the freddie mercury candle sticks from last year, I added a trio that I picked up at a yard sale for a couple bucks last year.

I needed more red, so my lazy ass threw tissue paper in a vase and an apothecary jar.  Boom.  Decorated.

I finished it off with a couple "lovey" books and a thrift store bird I painted white.

The front door is now sporting one of those yarn and felt wreaths that are oh-so hot in the blogosphere right now.  DIY'ed of course.

and the money shot (yup, I just called felt rosettes a 'money shot')...

[edit:  "Anonymous" asked where I got the pink felt (and didn't leave an e-mail to contact them with! ;) but I got it at Joann Fabrics.  The white I have had for years, and I believe I might have gotten it from Walmart.  They grey yarn is from Michael's.]

Hunter wanted to send some love out to a special lady in blogland...

Quinn Evie, will you be my Blog-Valentine?

Have a lovely day!

Always & Forever,


Freckles Chick said...

Dear Hunter,

I would LOVE to be your valentine!! Your handsomeness, those flowers, & a box of chocolates--truly a boy after my own heart. Perhaps our moms can get us all together for a wine date, errr I mean, play date?

Quinn Evie

P.S. We just adore all the Valentine's decor, especially that gorgeous yarn wreath w/ the lovely rosettes. That mommy of yours can teach mine a thing or two when it comes to holiday decor. Just sayin'. =]

Anonymous said...

Where on Earth did you find that amazing peachy/pink felt color?

Please share... :D