Friday, July 20, 2012

It's Conniepalooza!

My best friend is getting married.  Tomorrow.  

This is epic news because Connie has said she never wanted to get married.  Then, in December, she and her boyfriend of 12 years, Joey, announced their engagement.  She asked me to be a bridesmaid, and of course I accepted.  After all, she was my maid of honor.

Two of the other bridesmaids, Erin and Jamie and I got started planning her bridal shower.  After much searching (and fighting with the owner), we got a fantastic deal at the Brick Hotel in Newtown, PA.

 (before I continue, I need to mention that I forgot my camera.  All of the bridal shower pictures are 100% stolen from Jamie's facebook page)

When it came time to plan the details, I knew I wanted to make things pretty:  soft peaches, pinks and yellows.  I figured if I could make this look like a Pinterest board, pin-happy Connie would be pleased.

Our dear friend, Erin, flew in from Atlanta and helped us with the plans

For favors, we went with cake pops.  Everyone loves an edible favor, and they looked like fun to make.  And believe me, after killing three bottles of moscato between the three of us, they were a lot of fun to make.

Beside the favors we had a scrap booking area.  Connie loves to scrap book, so we felt it was appropriate for everyone to write down a memory of Connie or Joe.  We provided stickers, markers and other crafty accessories

We played three games:  The first was a simple game of as the guest arrived, we had the write down their birthdays and wedding anniversaries.  The guests with the date closest to Connie's birthday, Joey's birthday and their impending wedding date one a prize.  The second game was a He Said/She Said that I blatantly stole from here.  The top two guest with the most correct answers got prizes.  The third game everyone was given a clothes pin, and if you said the word "wedding" "groom" or "bride", some was allowed to steal your clothes pin.  The final prize was awarded to Erin's mom, who was mighty cut throat with this game.

In an attempt to save money, I ransacked my mason jar collection and made two different prizes.  The jars marked "Love Yourself" included miniature hand lotions, body sprays, nail file, nail polish and cozy socks.  The "Grow Love" jars had gardening gloves, a packet of flower seeds and some top soil to start.

Our centerpieces were smaller mason jars wrapped in twine filled with fresh cut flowers.  A game card was set at each chair, along with pencils in a baby food jar wrapped in twine.

Joe's family celebrates with cocktails

the excited bride enters
 All in all the shower was a great success and Connie was  showered with lovely gifts and wonderful company

 ...and Jamie and I celebrated that we pulled the whole thing off.   

For the bachelorette party, I hosted a small cocktail party before we headed out to Woody's in Philadelphia.

damn the fuzzy picture!
 Went with a theme of fabulousity by pairing turquoise and gold.  I set out a light fare of roasted red pepper hummus, bake brie and chicken bites with a merlot ranch dipping sauce.

 I set up a martini bar with all the fixings and included the recipes for three popular martinis:  dirty, cosmo and apple martini.

 Among our group of friends, we don't really do all the bachelorette paraphernalia;  no lighted penis earrings, or shot glasses, or t shirts with check lists.  We do, however, require a penis cake.

 Everyone mingled and got to know each other for about an hour or so, and then Connie preformed the penis cake bris

Not gonna lie, that was damn good cake.  Funfetti for the win.

The rest of the night was filled with  drunken debauchery.  There are pictures floating around, but I don't need the world to see.  Just know that there was dancing, vodka and a very sexy shot guy I kept calling Clark Kent walking around in his skivvies.  It was a good night.

So here we are Ms. Chung, it's the night before you wedding.  A day that I never thought I would see, and I am still getting used to the fact it is happening.  I am so excited for tomorrow to see all your planning come to fruition.

Many happy years to you and Joey,


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Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This was fabulous. I love the cake pops and the memories game. What great friends you are.