Wednesday, October 31, 2012

More tricking than treating and an 'I'm alive' update

Since Sandy blew through this week I had to take down my amazing haunted house that I painstakingly put up in our front yard for fear of it ending up in the next county.

Please.  We all know I'm using the hurricane as an excuse for plopping some pumpkins on the front porch and calling it a day.  To be fair, I had intentions of putting up actual decorations this year, but I kept putting it off till 'next week'.  Well 'next week' turned into this week, and this is all I have.

And Hunter's Halloween costume?  Non existent   My friend Cara and I had this great I idea to dress up her daughter Jenna as Raggedy Ann and Hunter as Raggedy Andy-- I even offered to make the costumes.   

Fun fact:  I do not own a sewing machine.  All sewing I do is by hand. 

Lesson learned:  when making any sort of clothing item,  I should probably use a sewing machine.

Long story short, the costumes were a mess.  But then Cara started a new job and wouldn't be home until well after 6 pm and I actually looked at a calendar and realized I was on the night shift so we scrapped it.  

Then Hurricane Sandy came along and our township has pushed back trick-or-treating to Saturday.  BOO.  YAH.  I am totally scoring a costume at Old Navy on the super cheap tomorrow.  Pictures to follow.  Those pictures will probably be on Instagram and not an actual blog.  #lazyblogger.

The good news is, all is well at Falconhead after the storm;  we never lost power, we had no wind damage and we had very little flooding in the basement.  Much like Irene from last year, we did a whole lot of worrying for nothing.  But this time there was less shelf-building on the front porch and more of me boozing #ilovenotbeingpregnant

Dang, did I just use two hash tags in one post?  

On that note.. how is your Halloween?  Any cool decorations?  Costumes?  

Always & Forever,


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I'm glad that that bitch Sandydidnt screw with you too much. And I think your pumpkins are cute. Can't wait to see little man's costume.

Anonymous said...

A whole lot of worrying for nothing? This rubs me the wrong way. How about just be grateful you weren't one of the thousands seriously affected by it. Instead, you seem happier about your ability to booze this year - #greatpriorities

LizzieBeth said...

Anonymous- I personally did a whole lot of worrying for nothing. As in I was lucky to not get hit hard with this story. So why don't you #chilltheeffout