Monday, October 1, 2012

Hunter: 12 months

At 10:16 AM today, my little boy turned a year old.
I know every parents says this, but seriously, where did the year go?

There were a couple big events this month Bubs.  First off, we switched your daycare.  Since you were six weeks old, we had you going to an in-home daycare with a woman named Susan.  As much as we loved Susan and appreciated how much she worked with our schedule, we decided that it was time for the Bubs to be in an environment with more structure and learning.  We found a great place near our house willing to work with our schedule and kids your own age to play with.  I was a little nervous about leaving you in a new place on the first day, but you took it like a champ

Since starting at the new daycare, we have seen a huge improvement on your motor skills;  you have learned how to use the sign for 'more'-  even though sometimes you just use it to let us know you are hungry.

And... as much as it scares me to say this... you took your first steps on September 17th.  It shocked the hell out of me because I didn't think you would be walking before your birthday.  You were standing at the coffee table, turned around and took 4 steps over to me.  You had the biggest grin on your face too, like you knew you did something great.

In other news, we went to East Norriton Day with your future wife, Jenna, and her family.  You were not as interested in the tractor as I thought you would be.  However, you did discover hay, which I'm pretty sure you think is the most amazing thing everrrrr.

I stopped breastfeeding this month.  I stopped pumping at work soon after we got back from vacation in July and ever since I have been slowly weaning from breast to bottle.  Around mid- month whole milk was slowly introduced into the formula, and I am so so so SOOOOO happy to say that we bought (and finished) our last box of formula last week.  You are 100% on solids now.  Grilled cheese sandwiches and strawberries continue to be your favorite food, but you pretty much nosh on whatever Mom and Dad are eating (especially if it's dipped in ranch dressing) #don'ttellJamieOliver

Otherwise it has been a pretty quiet month.  We have been enjoying your silly faces, slimey high fives, and sweet hugs

Here is a round up of all Hunter's monthly pictures.  What do you think?  Has he changed a lot?  Or does he pretty much look the same?

Always & Forever,


Your Future Mother-in-Law said...

Happy Birthday, Bubbers!! Loved watching you grow up this year. Can't wait to see what Year 2 brings!

Leeni said...

I think he jumped from looking like a baby, to like a little boy at about 9 months. He's absolutely adorable!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I love that even though he has changed so much, he still has the same look about him in the face. What a handsome guy. Happy birthday Hunter. And mom.

Shannon said...

Good lawdy, you have a handsome child. And that Jenna, I need one just like her. You guys sure are breeding some cuties up there. I think his general look has been pretty consistent over the past year but man, July's pic cracks me up. I can't believe he's already one. This is just craziness. Happy birthday Hunter, you stud!

Hilary said...

Happy Birthday Monster!! And goodness he is a ginge!
Lizzie and JEGs, you both did awesome this first year.