Monday, November 26, 2012

Dare to DIY: Dare to Entertain!

Even though my kitchen is pretty big, the actual dining area can only squeeze about 4 people-- 5 if you are really skinny (which I am not).  So if you are dining at Falconhead Cottage, odds are we are going buffet style.  

For this weeks Dare to DIY, I decorated our buffet instead of doing our table.  Grab a plate and let's check this bad boy out.  (..and I'm serving garland and pinecones.  Mmm, ruffage.)

I had this dream of going super rustic and natural this year, but I love my metallics too much to give them up. So, I call this look 'rustic glamour'.  I snagged my silver serving tray and added some greens and my vintage Christmas balls.  And by 'vintage' I totally mean 'Walmart circa 2007'.  

Bird's eye view, whut whut!

 Speaking of birds, here is a bird house.  Oh yeah, it's getting rustic up in this bish.

Lit candles with a toddler in the house= living on the edge.

The whole idea of Dare to DIY is to actually DIY something.  My DIYing time is limited these days, so I finally made the West Elm twine Christmas trees that were super hot in 2009.  I have been coveting these for three years now, and I wish I had known how easy they were to make.

 I picked up a couple Styrofoam trees from Michael's and some jute twine at Lowe's.  (Note: DO NOT get twine from a craft store.  That stuff is unnecessarily expensive.  I got a gajillion meters from Lowe's for under $3, and I didn't use the whole roll for this project).  I wrapped the twine around the tree, starting from the bottom, and glued the top.   Rusticness achieved.  

 If you have a hot second, pop over  and check out the other entries for this week's Dare to DIY.  I haven't finished looking at all of them, but so far I am loving Claire's glitter plates.  You know me and glitter.  It's like a moth to a flame.

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K @ Shift Ctrl ART said...

I'm reading this :) Love your buffet decor. Love the twine cones :)

Erin @ said...

Such a pretty set up! I did a buffet display, too...great minds think alike, right?

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Rustic glamour indeed. I love it, obviously. The greenery, the sparkle and the twine wrapped trees. The trees are my favorite. Awesome work, my friend. And with a toddler no less. You rule.

Thanks for linking up.

Mary said...

You had me at rustic glamour :) Such a cute and festive way to decorate your buffet. I love the twine trees. I'm working on glittery ones right now.

*claire* said...

i loove the rusticness! haha my glitter reindeer can live in your buffet forest. i love those twine trees - and great tip about lowes - i just assumed they were complicated too, but now i guess i should try it!
great job! (and thanks for the shoutout!)

DecorandtheDog said...

Mmmm, ruffage. :P

Love the trees and colors. Thanks for joining the Dare to DIY!

Anonymous said...

I think you're onto something. Especially considering Pottery Barn recently had their Rustic Luxe Collection. "Inspired by the pairing of opposites - rustic textures and materials mixed with with soft and luxurious surfaces."

Freckles Chick said...

Rustic glam is my obsession & you just gave me some awesome eyecandy. Also, I'm obsessed w/ pinecones lately (probs b/c Quinnie finds them on our walks & won't let them go) so of course I'm loving your holiday decor!!