Friday, March 8, 2013

Stick A Fork In This..

...cause I think I can offically declare the nursery DONE.

 I know.. it only took me, what, two years?

Something that has always bothered me was the rug in the nursery.  In the rush to get the room ready, I grabbed this from Target for $25.

Now, I grew up in a house with wall to wall carpeting.  I know absolutely nothing about rugs.  I don't know to use them in proportion, color or texture.  And I think it is pretty clear with the above picture.  First off, it's bizarre 4 x 6.5 sizing is way too small for the space.  Secondly, it's the most hideous brown color.  Thirdly, it is about as soft as sand paper.  

Every time I went to IKEA or Target or any place that sold rugs, I would look through their selection.  Again, since I never had area rugs growing up, I was gobsmacked at how much they cost!  I couldn't find anything I loved enough to justify spending the money on.

So I turned to my good friend Craig and his list of other people's crap.  And I found this.

I knew it was exactly what I was looking for:  a pattern with warm colors that matched the room perfectly.  The size 5 x7 would fit the space much more appropriately.  It wasn't too childish or trendy either.  I loved the reds that went throughout it to pull in the red in the artwork on the walls.

Now that the rug is in, I am even confident enough to put an "After" tag on the picture.


While we are at it, I will give the source list for the entire room:

Wall Color: Glidden's Navajo Sand.  Rug: Craigslist find. Curtains: Target  "Hunter" Art: A gift from Hunter's Auntie M.  Shelf: IKEA dresser door from As-Is department (brackets from Lowe's)

Antique Dresser: family heirloom Owl Lamp: Target  Lamp Shade:  Target, with DIY ribbon trim.  Tree decal: Etsy seller Janey Mac  Rocking Chair: family heirloom Pillow: Target

 Jenny Lind Crib: (in cherry): Amazon  Treetop Friends Art: Etsy

If I have missed anything, please feel free to ask.

I love this room.  Maybe because it's the only place in the house that doesn't feel like a storage room, but I could spend hours in here.  If and when we ever have a second child, I might even leave it the same way, just because I love it so much.

...who are we kidding?  If I ever have a girl, that room is going to be 8x9 of glittery wonderness.

Always & Forever,


*claire* said...

this looks awesome!! such a HUGE difference by changing the rug. and i am totally with you - rugs baffle me (curtains too). i can never find one i love and the price always scares me.

his room looks like such a lovely space - i love that it's not too babyish but still cozy.

Christen said...

That rug really pulls the entire room together. Such a cute, happy space!