Thursday, March 14, 2013

I Love it When a Pin Comes Together...

You know what I love the most about Pinterest?  Realizing that something you have pinned is totally doable.

I know I am guilty of pinning projects I'll never tackle, or outfits I'll never wear.  That five layer rainbow cake?  Not gonna happen.

The other day I pinned this outfit because I liked the ivory skinnies with the tall boots.

..and then I was like, 'dude.  I totally have a purple sweater and grey blazer in my closet'.  So for work last week I pulled everything out and tried it on.  I added a long necklace for extra shazam.

Please pardon the crappy iPhone picture-- cellphone photography is clearly not my medium
Also, I am still rocking the 'au natural' look for Lent.

White button down: NY&Co
Sweater: NY&Co
Grey blazer: Express
Ivory skinny cords: Marshall's
Tall boots: Payless
Necklace: Premier Jewelry Design

As I was gathering everything from the closet, I realized I could so a similar look with a grey sweater and burgundy velvet jacket

White button down: NY&Co
Grey sweater: NY&Co
Burgundy velvet blazer: GAP
Ivory skinny cords: Marshall's
Riding boots: Payless
Purple and black necklace: NY&Co

Randomly, I noticed the original ad was for Land's End, so I popped over to their site to check out their boots.  I like my boots and for as cheap as they were ($29.99) I can't complain too much, but they are really big around my calves and give me serious cankles.  I am totally digging on the Allaire High heel boot and the Blakeley Riding boot.


I don't know if I am ready to be an adult and invest in a pair of shoes though.  I do enjoy my cheapy so much.  Thoughts?

Do you invest in good pieces  or are you like me, and buy cheap stuff and hope it lasts more then a season?

Always & Forever,


karen said...

Both those outfits are TRES cute, and I envy your closet. I have many of the same basic pieces, but I can't seem to pull them together like you. You are my working-momma fashionista.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

You are looking GOOD! Love that you make that outfit your own, with what you already had.

Any chance you wanna contribute to Work Your Wardrobe? I'd love to have you.

Freckles Chick said...

I LOVE this outfit!! Wanna hang know, if you feel like slumming it w/ me in my yoga pants. I promise I'll wear the grey ones this time.