Friday, August 16, 2013

Take Two

Back in June I shared a mood board for our master bedroom.  I had two phases, the first being a general freshening up with paint and curtains.  Every time I sat down to blog about it, I stopped myself, and I couldn't figure out what was holding me back.  Until a couple weeks ago I realized what it was.

I hated the color.  

Hated it.  

I had chosen Benjamin Moore's Conventry Gray with the idea of going with a gray, blue and coral color scheme.  After the color was on the wall, it just felt too cold and sterile to me.  

I decided to start looking into the "greige" colors-- beige grays.   These are the colors I started flirting with
(This picture is really not a good representation of the colors.  If you are interested in their true tones, I would highly reccommend getting your own samples)

At first I was torn between the Revere Pewter and the Edgecomb Gray, however I felt like the former was too dark and the latter too light.  While I was flipping through the new Pottery Barn catalogue, I noticed wall color they used, SW Pediment, seemed like a nice mix of the two, while still being gray.

I've taken the day off from work and I'm repainting the bedroom again.  Here is hoping the second time is a charm.

The good news is I am still loving our bedspread that I scored for $60 at Marshalls.  It's a beautiful navy blue with a large floral print.

My favorite part is it is reversible. If I am feeling sassy, I can flip it over for a geometrical design.

It reminds me of this picture I snagged from Centsational Girl as an inspiration for the bedroom.

 So I am just going to file this whole process under "life lessons".  Sometimes you don't pick the right paint color the first time.

How about you?  Have you ever picked a color that made you cringe after wards?

Always & Forever,

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Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

The bedding is so cute! And it really does remind me of the Centsational Girl room!

Greys are really hard - I often feel they are too cold, too. I do love the Bedford Grey we have throughout our home, it's warmer than most. But it's dark.

Can't wait to see your room come together!