Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cuttin' Up.

A couple weeks ago I went pumpkin picking with a bunch of my friends. I snagged two smaller pumpkins for baking purposes, and a biggun' for carving

..and after a week of letting them sit on the dining room table, I finally got around to carving the big pumpkin.

At first I was going to do the normal jack-o-lantern, scary face look.  But then I thought on the off chance these gourds lasted into November, I wouldn't want some freak show faces hanging out giving thanks and eating turkey.  So I decided to go a little more practical.  Our apartment number.

Somewhere among the interweb, I read about a great way to create a stencil (because, I'll be honest-- my freehand sucks), so I decided to give it a whirl.

First I created an outline of the numbers in Photoshop and printed them out.

In order the transfer the stencil, I flipped the paper over and rubbed a regular pencil along the back

Next, I taped the template on the pumpkin and used a pencil with a good amount of pressure to trace along the outline of the number.  The numbers lightly transferred to the pumpkin, so I darkened the outline with a regular ballpoint pen.

I'll spare you the actual carving pictures.  It was mostly me complaining to JEGs how much I dislike pumpkin guts while he watched the Phillies game.  The final product was kind of awesome, however:

In order to keep the triangle in the middle of the 4, I didn't completely carve the bottom part; I just scraped a couple layers off  to give the illusion it was carved out.

Now, not only are we festive for the upcoming holidays, but our guests can find our apartment a little easier!

How about you?  Have you carved any jack-o-laterns this year?  Or maybe hosted a pumpkin carving party like I did last year?

Always & Forever,


*claire* said...

cute cute! i haven't carved ours yet, so i will probably do what you did and make something that will last us past halloween itself! :) good job!

Shannon said...

Ok Eddie, with your pumpkin carving skills, I LOVE this idea. Totally unique. And thumbs up to your friends who wore flannel shirts to the pumpkin patch.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I love the idea of house numbers on the pumpkin. Looks great.

bethany said...

Love your pumpkin with digits! If I didn't live in a neighborhood with a bunch of hoodlums, I'd totally replicate.

P.S. Happy B-day to your brother! Still adore that wedding dress.

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

I love the house numbers. My oldest is finally living here after studying abroad and this was the first time carving a pumpkin, so it was meaningful to me...