Friday, October 22, 2010

Bed Feng Shui

Now, I don't know if you all remember, but waaay back in the day I had a major bone of contention with the wall in the boudoir that housed my dresser and our television.

It drove me bonkers. Why? Because I'm anal retentive the mirror was taller then the TV and they stood right next to each other. Nothing was centered. It was unbalanced. I couldn't hang anything on the wall because of that. It just pissed me off. ARRRGH.
So the other week, JEGs left me alone to work on car-related stuff. This means that I will
  • a) organize something
  • b) watch too much HGTV
  • c) rearrange furniture
  • d) all of the above.
Scooby Snacks to those who picked d) all of the above. But now we are going to talk about rearranging the room.
Before, the hope chest was under the window, and it was actually a pain in the ass. When I would get home from work around midnight, I had to fumble around in the dark. There was such a narrow little space for me to pass between the bed and the hope chest. I finally had enough and moved it to the foot of the bed.

Already, I am a much happier person.

At this point there is ooodles of space next to the window, so I slid the TV stand over to the corner of the room and positioned it diagonally in the corner. I was then able to shift the dresser over to center it on the wall-- oh happy day!

Along with my DIY headboard, I am so much happier with the set up now. Everything is balanced, and flows easier. I am not slamming my knee into the hope chest anymore, and it is actually easier to watch TV in bed now.

Now I just need something to fill in the huge space above the bed

Maybe if I win FreckleChick's Orqueshaw Walldecor Giveaway, I'll have something beautiful to finish off the area. Otherwise, I'm taking suggestions.
Always & Forever,

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Danielle and Clint said...

Much better in the corner! You have the most prettiest dresser ever! Good luck in the giveaway!