Wednesday, January 26, 2011

For the love of HOVAS

I'm not going to beat around the bush: we need a new couch.

The couch we have now is from a set I purchased from American Signature Furniture, back when they were still "Rooms Today".

It was the first piece of furniture I ever bought myself, and I got the couch, chair and ottoman shipped to my apartment for $773.77.  Don't believe me?  I still have a copy of the check.  It's dated July 14, 2007.

I was so proud of myself because I saved up for months to buy this set.  I loved the elegant curve of the arms.  I loved the neutral yet interesting texture of the fabric.  I LOVED the comfort and depth of the chair

When I purchased it, it was just me and my roommate JD; we are both teeny girls, so we could lay down on the couch and still have a good amount of room.

Then I moved in with JEGs, and the height became and issue

The seating area is only 5'7.  I'll spare you the math-- he doesn't fit.  We also like to lay on the couch together (aww, newlyweds) and with our current couch I am either half on the floor, or he is smooshed up against the back.  It just doesn't work.

One Sunday morning, we set out on a voyage to find a new sofa.  We had $250 set aside, hydrated ourselves, packed some snacks and mapped out every thrift store and consignment shop in a 20 mile radius.  However, for kicks and giggles we stopped at IKEA first.

There she was.  The HOVAS.

She was everything we wanted- Neutral color.  Classic shape.  Removable slip cover. Ten year warranty.  A seating area of eighty-four inches.

Her price tag: $499.  Double what we had budgeted.

So we made a decision;  instead of having instant gratification and buying a sofa second-hand, we would save up and purchase our dear HOVAS when we moved into our new home.  Now, one of the first questions we asking while out house-hunting is "Will HOVAS fit?"

What do you guys think, did we make the right choice to wait?  Any feedback on this particular couch?

Always & Forever,


Katie said...

You definately made the right decision to wait! You don't want to go into a new house with extra debt that you don't need! You are bolder than me though, with a shade that light! My animals would do some serious damage!

Amanda said...

COUCHES ARE SO MUCH MONEY!! I was shocked when we had looked for one. We did find a reasonable at Jennifer Convertibles and I would recommend them except they are going out of business...maybe a final quick sale?? Good Luck!!

bethany said...

It. Is. CUTE. The Hovas was in the running for Gabe's house, but ultimately I went a different direction. But, I think it's still one of my favs.

Love it. Also, love the white. People get ten types of freaked about white, but i think this day and age, if you get the thing Scotch-guarded, or purchase a spot/stain removal kit you're golden. My parents purchased a cream sofa, and I think I spilled everything from chocolate sauce to nail polish on it. But, with the handy cleaning kit...they never knew.

Hooray for new couches! :)

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I like this sofa. And still very affordable. Good decision to wait.

Kylie said...

I'm new to your blog. I've enjoyed reading your older posts.

I think you should wait, too. It'll be worth it and you will be so proud when you finally get to order it! :) White is a bold choice - but it looks SO clean and fresh.