Monday, January 10, 2011

It's the Most Busiest Time of the Year.

Sooo hey guys.  What's up?  Anything exciting happen the past three weeks or so?

I mean, other then Christmas and New Years?

Oh hell, who am I kidding-- that's the ONLY thing that has happened to me in the past three weeks.

I'm going to let the Almighty Google Maps paint you a story of my holiday:

Christmas Eve:
driving home, to work, to my parents house, back to home
Christmas Day
Driving from home, to Momma & Poppa G's, to my parent's house, back home
December 26th
home, to Justin's grandfather's house, it started to snow, back home
So in under 48 hours, we drove over 300 miles.  The Jeep was tired. 

My holiday was fantastic however.  Our family's were more then generous-  we received many gift cards, a table top grill, I got some fantastic boots and  new GPS and JEGs is excitedly playing with his new blue tooth kit for his car.  Momma G also gifted us a blanket that is so warm and cozy, I have been dragging it around like Linus from Peanuts.  I also ate so much that my yoga pants were tight the next day. 

Now onto New Years.

I was on the night shift for most of the week, except Friday (New Years Eve).  When I do a night shift to a day shift, I'll spend the night at the office and let's be honest; it's not quality sleep.  I'm sleeping on a couch with a huge divot in the middle.  As soon as I got home from work, I had enough time to shower, change and then we headed out to Lancaster to spend New Years with our good friends Mike and Mandy.  I dressed in a fabulous blue dress (that Manders and I are now dubbing "Kate Middleton Blue") and we headed out to paint Lancaster City a pretty shade of red. 

I drank some champagne.  I danced.  Mandy and I found Mike a girl to talk to.  I had a four cosmos.  Between the alcohol and the severe lack of sleep, I was so drunk I sprained my ankle on the way home.  So diva.

JEGs and I spent New Years Day recovering, but hosted a family dinner on January 2nd.  His parents and grandmother, my parents and my brothers, my sisters-in-law and my nieces and nephew were all invited over to enjoy a delicious meal of ham, deviled eggs, pineapple stuffing, cole slaw, sweet potatoes, and topped off with peaches and cream or Momma G's famous Better Then Sex cake for dessert.

At this point I have decided  that it is not that I have gained weight, it's that every single pair of pants I own has somehow shrank in the wash.  It's the only reasonable explanation.

Most people's holidays would be over by now.  But not ours.

JEGs' family is Ukrainian Orthodox, so they celebrate Christmas on January 7th.  So that Friday the family gathered at Momma and Poppa G's house to eat the most wonderful dinner of MumMum's home made pierogies (please do not mention the name Mrs. T's in this residence ;), smitona, hulubski, paska and a bunch of other amazing Ukrainian food that I'm sure I will spell incorrectly.  MumMum sent home a bag of her pierogies, and we aren't sharing them with any of you suckkas.

But wait.. there's more.

Every year my friends and I get together and have a Nasty Santa party.  It's basically an excuse for us to get together, drink too much and give each other inappropriate gifts- past years have included a ball gag, a DVD of gay porn, and an enema.  This year it is scheduled for January 15th, and I somehow got roped into hosting it.  So while you have sung your carols and packed away your Christmas decorations, mine are still up and lit. 

My 12 Days of Christmas have turned into 21.

But that being said, I do have about six post already written that I cannot wait to share with everyone (including a resolutions update).  I hope you all had a wonderful and safe (and shorter) holiday season!

Ho Ho...zzzzz,


Lynett said...

Happy New Year! Sounds like you had a blast- um, I'm curious-what's a Sex Cake? And can I please have the recipe?! lol

bethany said...

Holy smokes, woman. You've been all over town! I feel much the same. Although I think I would be AWESOME at having a forever vacation, I would love to stay in the same place long enough to unpack my bag.

Ukrainian Christmas sounds boss, especially since it involves pierogies. But, I will say this: Nasty Santa party sounds the best. Gay porn and an enema all in one place? Dreams do come true! ;)

Oonafey said...

Sounds like a ridiculously good time! I had a hangover so bad New Year's Day that I couldn't get off the couch except to run to the bathroom. Then I would spend a few minutes sprawled out on my awesomely silky-soft bathroom rug. I watched three movies and read two books. Would've been a great day if not for the profuse vomiting. Blech. Luckily no sprained ankles though.

Shannon said...

I'm exhausted after reading all of that. My holiday traveling consisted of driving from Chadds Ford to West Chester then to another location in WC then back was great. And I'd like to request pics of: new boots and LB as Linus. Oh and I'd also like to request to be adopted by JEG's unnatural love of pierogies qualifies me, I'm sure. Oh and sex cake, I'd like that too.

Wow, I'm a pretty demanding reader.

p.s. Any interest in doing the terrarium class at terrain? and grabbing some post-tiny plant drinkies?

LB's oldest brother said...

The better then sex cake was good but nothing beat the white trash. Momma G was supposed to give some to Mommacita for me but she didn't.

I was very disappointed.

Also, remember your big brother reads this. He doesn't want to hear about nasty santa parties from his 6 year old sister. ;~}

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I need a nap just reading about this.

Sounds exhausting. And fun. And your brother's comment cracks me up. 6-year-old sister...

Christen said...

Nasty Santa party sounds hilarious!! :)

Amanda said...

Wow. I am sick of sitting in the car just reading this!

Sounds like the Nasty Santa party would make me laugh hysterically. Have fun playing host this weekend!