Friday, January 21, 2011

Murphy's Law

Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Just and JEGs and I had finally finished paying off my Jeep and feeling really good about our financial situation, this goes and happens

Some dude ran into the back of me while JEGs and I were stopped at a traffic light.  Thumbs down.

Luckily, the other driver's insurance is covering all the repairs and a rental car for me while it's in the shop.  Unfortunately, we aren't sure if my dear Sasha is going to make it out alive.  The mechanic told me that due to the age of the car, there might be more work then what the car is worth.

Obviously, he doesn't realize she is priceless to me.

So while we are waiting to hear about the fate of the Jeep, I am zipping around in a Hyundai Accent.  Hopefully we will hear good news soon, I don't know if we could swing a mortgage payment AND a car payment at the same time.

Have a good weekend!!

Always & Forever,

Update!  The repair shop called and informed us that the Jeep is salvagable!!  I have also traded in that craptastic Accent for a Kia Forte.  It's kinda sexxy.  Ok, really sexxy.


Saying I do said...

Oh man! always something right? I'm glad it wasn't worse, and I'm sure it will be fixed in no time! Have a great weekend!

kim said...

Hopefully if they consider it totalled (or the cost to replace being better than the cost to repair) they will give you enough for it that you can purchase something equally as awesome outright and avoid a car payment.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I got a Hyundai when a truck hit my car, too. Or maybe Mitsubishi. I can't remember. I'm so sorry about this! What a bummer. But, thank goodness for insurance and that it wasn't your fault. Still not fun.

Amanda said...

that sucks! hopefully the process of getting it fixed will go smoothly.

Celia said...

oh no! so glad they are going to be able to repair! :) The Love and I are both looking at Jeeps (purchase maybe 6mo - 1yr) they seem so playful and rugged!! LOVE them! I hope you get yours back asap!

Shannon said...

Sasha is alive and kicking! Praise the lord! Sucks it had to happen but at least there's good news. And seriously...Accents? I think my big toe is bigger than them.

Oonafey said...

Boo! We got hit at a stoplight a few months ago. The guy was looking at his phone, didn't realize traffic was stopped, and hit us going like 50 mph. Luckily we were in the Mr.'s craptastic '88 Ford monstrosity and not my Tundra. Didn't even ding it. Fucked that guys SUV up right nice, though. Serves him right, eh?

Good thing your rear-ender had insurance!