Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April Showers-- Part One

Apparently, it's very hard to surprise me.

One of the stipulations for my job is I have to be on-call every other weekend. This means that I have to be able to get to the airport with in an hour of being called, and be sober. You can imagine this severely limits my social life. So when I am not on-call, I try to make the most of my weekends by planning activities, and dinners and general merriment. According to my best friend and maid of honor, Constance, this makes planning a surprise bridal shower very difficult to do.

Constance and my mother set out to plan my bridal shower in February. After going through and figuring out what weekend I wouldn't be on-call, they decided on April 18th. Unbeknownst to them, I had planned to gather with some of my old work buddies from Applebee's for wine and munchies at my apartment-- but we'll get back to that.

In early March, Momma G invites JEGs and I to Ocean City, Maryland for a weekend. I am kind of pumped because, helloooooo, it's OCMD. Connie finds out about this and puts the kibosh on it.

Soon after this, Connie learns of the wine and munchies with the Applebuddies. She calls up one of the girls, Meg, and tells her about the bridal shower and that Meg needs to find a way to get everyone to cancel the lunch at my apartment. Meg agrees.

Around the middle of March, my co-worker Chris tells me he has a wedding in Atlantic City and he wants to know if I can be on-call for him. At this time I wasn't 100% clear on if we still were not going to OCMD. I talk to JEGs about it one afternoon and JEGs cooks up a story of our reservations got mixed up and there was not a room for us. I was bummed, but I tell JEGs that I'm going to take the on-call shift. He starts feverishly texting while we are in the car (don't worry-- I was driving).

It turns out sir JEGs was texting Constance and telling her about the potential on-call situation. Connie calls Chris and informs him that I CANNOT take that on-call shift and he has to find someone else. The next day at work, Chris tells me that he got someone else to cover his shift and not to worry about it. I start to get suspicious.

Oh, did I mention that at this time, Connie and Joe were in Florida for the Phillies Spring Training? Talk about fever pitch.. ba dum cheeee.

It's now the beginning of April, and I still think that I'm having my Applebuddies over on Sunday. I sent out a reminder through Facebook, and have a couple people confirm they will be there. Connie sees this on my live feed, and contacts Meg with a polite "WTF, I thought you were going to make people cancel?" Meg assures her that she's got this under control.

So what part did Meg play in the covert operation? Did they surprise me? Tune in tomorrow to find out!!

Always & Forever,


Nina said...

Oh wow! That's awesome! I hope they surprised you though, after all they went through to make it happen :-)

Shannon said...

After receiving my black belt in covert shower planning, I have to commiserate with Connie. She probably wanted to wring your neck :) In our little crowd, it's now protocol not to plan ANYTHING on ANY weekend within 3 months of your wedding/baby without written consent from the bridesmaids.

I hope theres a KitchenAid mixer sitting on your counter today!

Danielle and Clint said...

LOL! Sounds like what I went through trying to plan my parents surprise party. You're poor maid of honor must be exhausted :-)