Monday, May 30, 2011

Fabulous May

Another month has come and gone, so it's time to look back on what made it really awesome:

Knocked Up
.. and I don't mean the movie. Not matter how surprising and unplanned it was, it was pretty fabulous to find out that I was avec enfant.

Belly Bands

Holy mother-- how did pregnant women survive before the belly band?   They are tubes of fabric that  you wear it over your belly to hide unbuttoned pants that don't quite snap or zip up.  I can't get my regular jeans zipped anymore, but maternity pants are hanging off of me.  Instead of buying all new pants in just a larger size, I can rock this amazing invention with comfort.  Basically-- BellyBand FTW.

Wawa Smoothies

I know Wawa is a regional thing, and this might get lost on you folks out West (or down South) but I just discovered that Wawa has Smoothies, or as I like to call them- "24 oz of AWESOME".  You have to order them at the deli counter (which I wish someone would have told me before I spent 25 minutes hanging around the milkshake area like an idiot), and there are about 17 or so flavors.  I started with the Banana Fosters, and the next day I moved on to the Mango Creme.  The Chocolate Banana has been tempting me, but I think next I will give the Strawberry Lemonade a whirl.   For those attending the Always Bloggy in Philadelphia, I'll make sure we have a Wawa trip in the schedule.  They probably won't have smoothies anymore, but it's worth the trip for their coffee.  Or milkshakes.  Or hoagies.  Or anything.

Boston Rob finally wins Survivor

I make no bones about it that I love Survivor.  I think in 20some seasons I have missed two.  This season hosted the return of Russell (a personal favorite of JEGs and mine) and the infamous Boston Rob.   After four attempts at this game, Boston Rob was finally able to grab that brass ring and take home the million dollar prize.  I would like to tip my imaginary hat to him for pulling off a flawless game.  Also, I cannot talk about this season without mentioning the hot mess that was Phil the Federal Agent.  Dear Mark Burnett,  can we please have him back again?  Love, Lizzie.

30,000 views + blogiversary
  Amongst the craziness that was Babygate 2011, I quietly passed the two year mark on my little blogging adventure.   It's funny when I look back at that first post and how excited I was to finally be moving in with JEGs after so long.  It took us 8 years to live together, and then two years later we have been engaged, married, bought a house and now pregnant-- did someone hit the fast forward button ;)

Also, in the past month I finally hit 30,000 views. 

This blog isn't a juggernaut of the Internet, so 30K is a big deal to me.  I want to thank everyone for meandering back to my little corner of the interwebs to read my babbling.  You give me the warm and fuzzies inside-- and I swear it's not heartburn.

June is up next.. and that means I turn 30!!  Bring.  It.  ON!

Always & Forever,

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Shannon said...

Yes yes yes, I love all these things. Ok, not the belly band anymore, I MOST DEFINITELY do not wear that anymore. But peace-sign givin fetuses are where its at. Oh and I can't wait to take newbies to Wawa! Look at this ordering screen! Look at this hoagie! Look at this bag of Herrs! It'll be so fun.