Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pregnancy: Week 23

My Stats
 * I have officially hit the 10 pounds-gained mark
 * Waistline is about 36.5 inches

Little G Stats
 *He likes to kick-- a lot.  He does not like it when I am hunched over, so you will always find me reclined like a gangsta rollin through.
 *Houston, we  have eyebrows and eyelids.  He is facial features are starting to look more like an infant and his pancreas is developing.  He can also hear noises and voices, so I'm trying not to cuss... as much.
 *He is about 1 pound (so where the hell are these other 9 coming from?!)
 *From crown to rump his length is about 8 inches
 *According to the Fruit-O-Meter on TheBump, the lil dude is the size of a papaya (which was the same size last week)

Pregnancy fun facts:
  Let's talk about gas.  When you are pregnant, you fart.  A LOT.  And it STINKS.  JEGs and I have a code now:  whenever I say "Dammit baby!" he needs to leave the room or suffer the consequences.    If I am not farting, I get the most horrible gas bubbles in my ribs.  These suckers are painful!  So painful that I had to bail on my friend's birthday party over the weekend because I could not physically stand up straight.  Or walk.  Or find a comfortable place to sit/lie down. 

Energy Levels/ Sleep:
   This past week has been unseasonably hot, and I am really feeling the effects of it.  Every activity is followed by having to lie down for a couple minutes.  Sleep, however, has not been a problem yet.

   Nothing completely unusual.  Because of the heat I have to really force myself to eat, so I snack a lot on light stuff like grapes and walnuts.  My biggest craving throughout the whole pregnancy has been pizza, and that still holds true.  JEGs and I actually found microwavable pizzas at the supermarket for $1 each.  Consider the freezer stocked.

Mood Swings:
  God Bless JEGs for the bullshit I put this man through.  I don't know how he deals with me, because I would have left my ass on the side of the road somewhere.

Other Stuff:
  I get asked a lot if we have started to pick out names.  We have a middle name set, but we are still knocking around some first names.  I'm not sure if we are going to share it before the birth or not--  we still haven't decided.

This past week I caved and let Mommacita purchase me some maternity clothes.  I am in this strange clothing-related-purgatory where I am LOST on a magical island  not quite big enough for the maternity clothes, but my regular clothes aren't gonna cut it much longer-- not even with the help of  the belly band.

  This past Saturday we took a trip to Babies R Us to register;  talk about EPIC FAIL.  We were there for about 30 minutes before we gave up and I nearly left in tears.  Lesson for all future Moms-to-be: don't even think you are going to get it done in one trip.  Go in, find a stroller, pat yourself on the back, and do the rest on-line at your leisure.  And don't go ANYWHERE near the 'Infant Care' section.  Your head will explode.

Always & Forever,


kp said...

Totally agree! Registering was the most stressful part of having a baby. It took me a few weeks, but once I decided that all the kid REALLY needs is a crib and diapes, everything else was just gravy. Don't let Babies R Us bully you into having 250 items on your registry or whatever the recommend.

Glad you're feeling good. Holy crap, now I want a pizza.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Your bump is too adorable. And keep eating the pizzas girl! You are growing a baby!

Lynett said...

Loving the belly mamacita!

Danielle and Clint said...

I hear ya on the registering. I actually went to the store, looked at things I liked and decided to register on line. SOOO MUCH EASIER! lol

Shannon said...


I remember registering for everything under the sun and slowly editing it until my shower arrived. I think there was like 20 things on it by that time. Get yourself some newb-size zippered sleepers (carters are good) because they live in those things for awhile.

Oh and registering tip, when you register for little bath towels/washcloths, open up the package and feel them. A lot of them are cheapy and scratchy. If you need any other pearls of baby wisdon, hit me up!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

awwww, so adorable!

Janelle Oxley said...

Take a friend that has a child/ren, they will tell you what you really need. There is sooo much stuff out there, that you won't even use half of it so don't register for it.