Monday, January 9, 2012

Hunter: Three Months

Our Huntface Killah turned 3 months old on New Years. Dude, you're like a quarter of a year old already.  Stop it.

Anyway, this past month you...

discovered your hands.  They immediately went in your mouth and haven't come out since.  

learned how to grab things.  One morning you were sitting in your bouncy chair staring intently at the doo-dads hanging down.  The next thing I knew you were batting at it.  Finally, you opened up your hand and grabbed onto that thing like it was trying escape.  I got all up in your face and started congratulating you.  You gave me a look like "NBD Mom. "

Your 3:30 am feedings slowly diminished and about half way through the second week of this month, you were sleeping soundly through the night.  Now, we put you to bed at 9pm and you sleep straight until 6 or 7am.  Thank you.  From the bottom of my heart, thank.  YOU.  

I don't know if you have an aversion to saliva in your mouth, but you drool like it's your job-- we go through almost as many bibs as we do diapers in one day.  

Speaking of diapers, this month we started cloth diapering you.  We started out part time until we got the hang of it, and now you go full time.   

You started to enjoy baths a little more.  And by "enjoy" I mean you don't scream so loudly that the neighbors pop over to make sure everything is ok...

This is your new favorite toy.  You are so enthralled by it and if we try to take it away, you scream.  I will now be gifting this toy to every person I know who has a baby.

This month you also met your G.G. (Mommy's Grandmom) and your Big PopPop (Daddy's Grandpop)

Four Generations

This month you started cooing.  It started with the adorable 'ahh-goo' followed quickly by high-pitched squealing.  Even though it makes my ears bleed, it's kind of adorable.  

No doctor's appointment this month to check your weight, but we are guessing you are around 14- 15 pounds.  You have pretty much outgrown all of your 3 month clothes and are in 3-6 month shirts and sleepers and all 6 month pants.  Every once in a while I'll try to sneak in an old outfit that I love, only to realize you can't straighten your legs all the way.  Buck up kid... fashion isn't comfortable.

Happy Three Months Bubbers!!

Always & Forever,

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