Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Testing out technology

You guys, I hate technology. I am basically like your 60-year-old mother who doesn't understand what texting is (LOVE YOU MOM!) However, right now I am doing something completely out of character; I am blogging from an iPad. And I am kind of loving it. My friend Connie stopped by with her boyfriends new iPad and let me take it for a spin. I think I might be saving up for now. Any of you use an iPad or something of the like? Do you like it? I am really curious for your feedback. Always & Forever, ME


Anonymous said...

Awesome! My parents bought me a Samsung galaxy for Christmas.....and it's pretty Rad. I knew nothing about tablets really....after doing alot of research on line...I found out that my tablet was ranked pretty high. Major plus: there's a WordPress awesome app for free that you can download. Technology is moving so fast it seems like something new and improved comes out ever month lol.

bethany said...

Yeeeeesss! :) I have an iPad and I kind of love it. It's really fabulous for all that passive internet use, like reading emails, blogs, news, etc.

I haven't quite figured out how the heck to blog from it in a way that allows me to upload photos and shizz, without a crappy third-party app, which is why i always wind up traveling with a laptop. If there's some miraculous way to do it...do tell!

Oonafey said...

I would love a iPad, but I refuse to spend $600 on said item when I already have an iPhone and a laptop... How many gadgets that do the same f-ing thing does a person need?

My word verification for this comment? "difter ho" Awesome.