Monday, January 16, 2012

Spiffing Up the Nursh.

Last weekend I added a couple new things to the baby's room.

First up is this great little pillow that JEGs' Aunt Marlene made for us.  I love love love the bright colors and the geometric shapes.  I also love that the print has owls without smacking your in the face and screaming "THESE ARE OWLS ON THIS PILLOWWWWWW".  We can all agree that fabrics can totally say that, right? 

 My friend Hilary was at Joann's Fabric a couple weeks ago and spotted this little stuffed owl on sale for $8.  I was all, 'dude, grab that.'  I think he is so adorable, and where he is perched on the window sill is right in Hunter's eye sight when I am burping him.  Hunter has taken to screaming while getting burped, so this little guy has become a welcomed distraction.

The wall over the crib was screaming for some art, so I made this little number in Photoshop, and framed it.

I don't know why the paint color keeps photographing pink.  It's really not.
Fun fact about me:  I collect picture frames.  Every time I go to a yard sale, I leave with gobs of frames that I  only paid $1 for and feel victorious.  I have no real need for these frames at the time, I just purchase.  The result is us having 20 million frames stuffed in a closet that drives JEGs bonkers.  I finally put one of them to good use though!  I ran three lines of beading wire across the frame and now have a place to display Hunter's monthly photos.

Some touches to make that corner a little cozier:

I seriously think this is going to be the room where I am constantly changing the decor.  Let's be honest, in less then 6 months, it went from walk-in closet to nursery-- it seems to be my M.O.

Have you guys added something small to freshen up a room lately?

Always & Forever,


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I love the additions. Esp. the rawr picture. Adorable! Love seeing the progress!

Anonymous said...

Me too!: love the additions..the pillow...the owl print! soooo adorable!

That's the best part of decorating: Rooms are constantly evolving and changing :)

LB's Oldest Brother said...

We finally moved Abby's bureau into the back bedroom for her and added Barbie wall stickems for decorations

Shannon said...

Love the nursh updates! The artwork is really cute too. Why do people pay for artwork, really? I'm not sure I'll ever like something enough to pay money for it. I'll go down in flames trying to recreate it in Word with shapes and text boxes before forking over cash.

btw, this collection of frames? Got any really big ones???