Friday, March 30, 2012

Fabulous March

Seriously you guys, where the hell did this month go?  I think someone is secretly taking days out of the calendar and hoping no one notices.  It's like some sinister plot to make me get older.  Dislike.  

That aside, a couple highlights from this apparently short month:

New. Favorite. Website.  Love this place.  I started noticing that a lot of my beauty pins on Pinterest were all from this website, so I decided to check out the site.  It has everything including fantastic tutorials for hair and make up.  Add in the fantastic Lauren Conrad and I am hooked-with-a-capital-H.

Swiffer Sweeper

Is it really sad that one of my favorite things about this month is a cleaning supply?  Lordy, how my life has changed.  Regardless, this thing is the shiznit.  Hardwood floors + cat = clumps of fur.  Huge clumps.  Everywhere.  MiniWinstons were too much for our normal Swiffer to handle, so I would use the Swiffer, and then have to pull out the vacuum cleaner to get the corners or the gaps in the floor.  Not anymore, my friends.  Now I pop on a cloth and a get my Swiffer on. Multi-tasking FTW.    It is so much easier then carrying around my big bulky vacuum from room to room, and it isn't as difficult to empty either.  The topper is Winston only hides under the bed for about 2 hours instead of his normal 5-24 hours when I would break out the vacuum.  

Warmer Weather

I don't know what weather forecast Punxsutawney Phil was looking at, but dude was wrong-- spring has sprung in Philadelphia.  The weather has been flirting with temps in the 70s (and even 80s) for most of the month.   With all this beautiful weather, we've really gotten use out of our stroller by taking Hunter out every chance we can get!

*sniff sniff*  is that bbq I smell?

Once Upon a Time

Are you guys watching this show?  JEGs and I love it.  The world stops at 8:00 on Sundays as far as I am concerned.   I love how the writers created a world where all fairy tale characters know each other and interact.  Can I get a 'woman power' for Snow White?  This chick isn't just sweeping floors in the dwarf's cottage; oh no, this bad-ass chick is living off the land and looking for revenge.  Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White/ Mary-Margaret?  Perfection.  Lana Parrilla as Regina?  Even better.  

Normally I would give March the heave-ho and say April bring May flowers... however I believe the May flowers are already here!

Always & Forever,

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