Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nursery Re-do

Soooo I switched things around in the nursery.

I know, I know, you guys are tired of me constantly messing with this room, but I see it like this;  most people have nine months to prepare a nursery.  I had four, which means I got five months postpartum to mess around with it.  And dammit, I'm milking that as long as I can, he he.  

So anyway, the room just wasn't working for me.  It didn't feel cozy, and something was just not right about it.

I was called out  when someone noticed that in this post the wall decal was over the dresser.  One Sunday afternoon I had the place to myself and I decided to switch the room around

Mind-blowing, right?  I literally moved three pieces of furniture.  Someone submit me for a YHL Reader Redo.  

Sarcasm aside, I am much happier with this set up for a couple reasons.  And I shall list them in bullet form for your convenience (you know, in case you want to refer back to this post for the open book test.  Oh yes, there will be a test):
  1. In the old set up, the diaper pail and clothes hamper was right next to the closet and it made it difficult to open the closet door.  Also, we didn't have a space for a trash can for wipes, so we just had a plastic bag hanging from the door of the closet.  Super classy.  Now everything is tucked away: the diaper pail and trash can are on the back wall by the dresser, and the hamper is behind the door.
  2. We don't have one of those fancy schmancy video monitors, so if we ever wanted to check in on him while he was sleeping, we had to open the door all the way and walk into the room.  The 90-year-old hinges on the door tend to creak when it is opened and sometimes it would wake him up.  Now we can crack the door open a teeny bit and just peek in.  
  3. Although it was nice to look out the window while nursing, the placement of the chair was horrible.  It was so close to the radiator, when I would rock, the legs of the chair would rub against the radiator.  Also, if he spit up, it would be all over the radiator.  Heated spit up is NOT a good smell.  I can still see out the window, but now it is of my neighbor's roof.  I think I'll start leaving a magazine for myself.
I did make some other slight changes as well.  First and foremost, I replaced those hideous neon green leaves with leaves that actually fit my color scheme.  I contacted the seller and explained the situation, and she was very kind to cut new leaves for $10 shipped.  I ripped off the old ones and added the new  leaves in about 20 minutes.  

I added some new art as well.  JEGs' Aunt Marlene (who also sewed the pillow on the chair) gifted us a cute drawing of a woodland scene and the monster's name.  We hung it on the wall next to the dresser and flipped the collage frame to fit underneath.

The original art above the dresser was way too small for that area, especially now that the crib was one this wall.  I also needed something to really help define the theme for the room.  After scouring Etsy, I found a set of prints that matched the SkipHop Treetop Friends set, that I had used as my inspiration in the original moodboard.  I ORB'd a set of $2 frames I had picked up at a yard sale, and hung them.  I really love them and I love that I have moved from 'owls' to more of a 'woodland/owl' theme.

In my revamping of the room, I added a mobile.  Originally, I wanted nothing to do with mobiles because I had read that they were too distracting and kept the baby awake.  Well, since the monster is an awesome sleeper, I am not worried about that anymore.  I decided to add one because if I need to set him in the crib to put away laundry or even blow my nose, it is nice to have something to entertain him.

I had wanted to DIY a paint chip mobile from Pinterest, but it wasn't coming out the way I wanted it.  After fighting with it for weeks, I found a mobile in Babies R Us.  The colors were perfect, I loved the stripes and polka dots and there was an owl and hedgehog  that matched the wood lands pictures I had just hung.  I am not sure in what ecosystem a giraffe is chillin' with an owl and hedgehog (two of them, no less) but whatever.  I'm not being picky.

I tried taking this picture 15 times, and I couldn't get them to face forward.  They must be camera shy.

Ok, so I swear I am done for a little bit.  I confess, I want to add a new rug and one day build a cover for the radiator, but I am good for now.  Time to move on to some other rooms in the house.

Always & Forever,

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Freckles Chick said...

They might sound like small changes but the impact is HUGE. I love how it all flows even more now from the furniture placement to the color scheme to the art above the crib. Niiice work, LB.

If you stuck me in Hunter's crib, I'd totally stare at that awesome mobile too. Though it doesn't take much to capture my attention (ooh, shiny....ooh, furry).

Oh the things we have to do to our babies in order to do things for ourselves. Like blow our nose or pee. I set Quinn in her crib, went to pee, she started whimpering, & I somehow found myself yelling/singing Lady Gaga's 'Paparazzi'.

It TOTALLY bought me a few minutes.