Monday, March 19, 2012

Pinterest FAIL

I never really know what kind of art is appropriate for bathrooms:  fancy toilets?  Words?   Scenic views?  I am clueless.  But I wanted something to fill the blank spot above our toilet and of course I wanted to do it on the cheap.

Like so many other people in blogworld, I stumbled upon this simple puffy paint art project.  

I loved the simplicity of it, and I didn't want to have anything too busy in that room.  I had a couple canvases hanging around from forgotten projects, so I decided to give this a go.  

Again, I was stuck with the problem of  'what design goes in a bathroom?'  ( I know, my life is so rough).  I wanted something that didn't have a crap ton of detail.  I finally decided on a water lily for it's simple, curved lines.  I found a picture, made an outline in Photoshop, blew it up a gazillion times and printed it out in sections

Using the same method I used here, I transferred the image on to an 11x8 canvas and outlined it in puffy paint.

Looking back, this is where I should have called it a day.  However, Allison from Half of VAMH mentioned her version might have looked better with paint and a roller.  I wanted a pop of color, so I decided to give it a try.  I snagged a $3 sample of Valspar's Betsy Ross House Blue and rolled over the puffy paint.

This is what I got:

Snoozefest Twenty Twelve.  It's basically a blue square.

I lived with it for a couple weeks and tried to convince myself it was everything I wanted and more.  It was not.   In an attempt to 'fix' it, I went over the outline one more time with a light coat of white paint to make it pop

I still don't love it, but I'm going to get my $3 of paint out of it.  Consider it a place holder until I figure out what to put in this spot.

How about you?  Have you attempted something from Pinterest that was a big fail?  Or even better, care to share some of your successes?

Always & Forever,


Kylie said...

Bummer! Don't you hate when that happens...

What if you attempted going over the puff paint outlines again to make them more dimensional and then repaint? That may help. I also think trying paint that isn't flat finish would help bring depth because of it's reflective appearance.

Janelle said...

The second color choice def pops more than the blue did. What if you made the water lily smaller? Or a few small water lillies? The original picture only takes up part of the canvas. Maybe that is why it seems to pop more. Atleast you gave it a try. I have a board full of stuff I want to try.

Haven said...

I've only ever tried recipes so far from pinterest (although I have a load of stuff like what you've done that I want to try on my boards) and I'd say I have about a 70/30 ratio of success, the success being the 30%. Made some good chicken last night and my strawberry lemonade bars are now something of a speciality but apart from fail fail!!

Shannon said...

Yours actually turned out pretty good compared to some other attempts I've seen in blog world. But I'm with you on the bathroom artwok quandary. I need some stuff for our guest house bathroom and have yet to figure out what to put in there. Clearly won't be attempting the puffy paint project, so thanks for being our guinea pig!

We've been trying out a lot of the toddler crafts that people claim are AMAAAAZING. Now I dunno if Gabe and I are just snobs or super smart or what, but they mostly suck. Gabe's like, ok that was eh, what's next? How bout you hand me that prescription bottle and we play maracas?