Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hunter 11 Months

Well Bubs, this is it.  We are a month away from you turning a year old.  Color me in denial.  I should probably start working on your first birthday party, but... eh.  I've got all of next month, right?

 This past month your Uncle Andy visited from Los Angeles.  The last time you saw him, you were only two and a half months old, so you had grown quite a bit.  This time you were still a little weary around him, but I think a lot of that had to do with the fact each time we saw him, you were only an hour or so away from your bed time (aka Fussface McGee time).

of course we took the obligatory picture of all the cousins
Sky, Oboe, Bubs, Doodles and Boo

Dude, you are continuing to get into everything.  The morning you climbed halfway up the stairs, Daddy and I realized we needed to do some better baby proofing.

So we went out and snagged a baby octagon play yard from Craigslist and stretched it across the length of the living room.

You were not thrilled.

Since you have been cordoned off from everything else, you have discovered a love for sitting at the front door.  If you aren't opening and closing the door or staring out at the cars driving by, you are sitting with a toy, smashing it on the tiles.

You also really enjoy spinning on the tiles

Of course if I dare leave the house for a split second to grab the mail, I get locked out...

You eat a combination of solids, a few purees, breast milk and formula.  Your schedule seems to be 5:30am wake up and you average two naps in the morning, the first one being around 7 am for about 35 mintues and the second one around 10 for an hour or so.  No afternoon nap usually makes for a 5:30pm bedtime.

You said your first word this month!  ..kinda.  We were over MomMom and PopPop's and you noticed the three cats on the ground.  You pointed and said 'kiki!'  to which I assume is 'kitty'.  Close enough for me!  I've already filled out your entrance forms for Yale, Harvard and Princeton.

There is a personality that is starting to show, and it is a goofy one.  Always making faces and generally being silly


This month you have taken an interest in book, and your favorite book is Daddy and Me.  Some of your other favorite things are peaches, grilled cheese sandwiches,  bath time (or splashing in any water-- including Winston's water dish), your Lighting McQueen race car, and of course, playing with Daddy

What I really want to talk about though, is how one day the craziest thing happened:  I looked over at you, and I realized my little baby was gone.  In his place was this... little boy, complete with mischievous smile and  graham crackers plastered on his face.  Buddy, I don't know when it happened, but somehow in the past 11 months you grew up.  

We love you so much little dude.  

  Mommy and Daddy


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

He is such a sweetheart. I love all his goofy faces. And I like the mondo gate. Babyproofing masters.

Shannon said...

Oh it'll be awesome, Gabe can totes show Hunter the ropes at Harvard! They can pledge the same frat, the ones with overprotective mothers who like to booze. That's us, right?

And yes, you are officially the owner of a little dude.