Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Oh friends, it's that time again.

It's Ash Wednesday, which means it's time for me to give something up, proclaim it to the interwebs, and instantly regret it.  

In years past I've given up alcohol and coffee.  (p.s... the year I proclaimed I wouldn't give up alcohol ever again, I was 11 weeks pregnant.  Whoops. )

This year, I am giving up my one true love.

Make up.

I don't wear A LOT of make up, but I do wear it every day-- to the point that my friends tease me about my love affair with my eye lash curler.   But I've decided to give my skin a break for the next 40 days and let it breath.

..ok, truth gun to my head, it will be 39 days.  JEGs and I are having a fancy schmancy date night on Friday for Valentine's Day, so I might pop on some mascara and blush for the restaurant   I don't want to embarrass the poor guy in public.

Otherwise, until Easter, you all have to deal with this face every day:

freckles, tired eyes and blotchy skin.  Oh my.

Always & Forever,

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Mary said...

Lordy Jesus on the cross, I could never. Ever. I wish you luck.