Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hunter: 14, 15, & 16 months

I am not even going to try to pretend like I am not three months behind on Hunter's monthly posts.  So here you have it- Hunter in a nutshell:

November was a bit of a rough month for us.  At the beginning of the month we got a call from daycare that he was running a fever and was very listless.  I called out of work and took him straight to the doctor.  Diagnosis:  pneumonia.  

We caught it early enough that he didn't need to be hospitalized.  Just some antibiotics and a couple days home from school.

..and  he was sick from then on out.   It's now February and I feel like we are still combating the runny nose.

Mid month my brother Tim and his wife Bryn welcomed their third child, Hayes, into the world.  We got a chance to visit with Hunter's new cousin.

Thanksgiving came, and the bubs was awesome.  He sat at the table like a big boy with an actual plate and fork.  He ate pretty much everything that was put in front of him, including turkey, stuffing, corn, peas, cole slaw and sweet potatoes.  He even had his first taste of pumpkin pie.  

JEGs, Hunter and I with my parents
The weekend after Thanksgiving we had our first trip to the emergency room.  We were playing in the living room and I was sitting on the floor with my legs straight out.  Hunter wasn't looking where he was going (as toddlers often do) and trip over my legs and took a header into the leg of the coffee table.  At first I didn't think much of it-  he fell and it scared him.  But as JEGs was hugging him, Hunter lifted his head and we both saw the huge knot on his forehead.  He wasn't showing any signs of concussion, but being scared out of our minds first time parents, we decided to take him to the ER just in case.

It was just a mild contusion, and it cleared up in about a week or so.  I am hoping it didn't mess up his brain too much.  I guess we'll just bank on his MLB contract or a modeling career instead of becoming a doctor or lawyer.  

December was fun.  We went to see Santa again.  Last year he couldn't give a crap about Santa.  This year, he cried.

I wish I had gotten all three pictures of him with Santa.  While we were waiting in line, we took him out of the stroller to stand in line with us. 

Stupid mistake.

Of course he wanted to run around and rip all the ornaments off the kiosk next to us.  When I picked him back up he started crying.  And that's how we handed him off to Santa.   

The first picture is him crying because he is pissed off. The second picture he is looking at Santa with this face of  "who the hell are you?"  and the third picture is him crying bloody murder and trying to escape. 

It was quite a progression.  

Hunter loved the Christmas decorations.  When we got home from daycare in the afternoon, he would walk over to the garland on the banister and point to it till I plugged it in.  Then he would look at it and say "Whoa".  He loved shoving his toys in the Christmas tree, and he particularly liked dragging the beaded garland around

...and in the middle of the month, Hunter was sick again, this time with bronchitis.     

It's all good dude.  Mommy and Daddy didn't want to use any of their vacation days to actually go on a vacation this year.

We  had a big family dinner at my parents house on the 23rd.  My brother Andy flew in from LA and we took our ceremonial picture of Andy with all the nieces and nephews.

L-R Abigail. Owen, Hunter, Andy with Hayes, Bridget, Skylar

all hopped up on sugar:  or how he spend most of December
Christmas morning was fun since Hunter was learning how to open gifts.  Although, he was more interested in tearing the paper off in little pieces and throwing it in the trash can, than the actual gift itself

We spent Christmas morning with Momma and Poppa G, where Hunter (along with JEGs and I) were spoiled tremendously.  

In the afternoon we hussled over to my parents house for dinner, and we had our second fall in as many months. Hunter was walking around with his sippy cup in his mouth, slipped, fell on his face and the straw of the cup was shoved up into his gums.  There was so much blood.  I was freaking out and ready to drive him to the hospital again.  JEGs calmed me down, got the bleeding to stop and in the end all we had was a busted lip.  

There goes his modeling career.  Still holding out for that MLB contract.

New Years Eve brought snow fall to our neck of the woods, so we took Hunter out for his first real frolic in the snow, complete with a snowball fight with the neighbors.  

January was a month of coming down off the Christmas high.  Hunter got sick AGAIN, this time with pink eye and a double ear infection.  I swear, I am seriously thinking about putting a cloche on him.

At his 15-month check up he weighed  25 lbs and was 33 inches tall.  He continues to be in the 97% for height and 50% for weight.

He spent his second Ukrainian Christmas with my in laws and housed down not one, but two servings of ham, corn and peirogies.  

He has really become quite the chatter box.   He's even getting really good at audible words:  he calls me Mama and JEGs is Dad.  He also says hi, bye bye, shoes, broom, car, hot, cup, fire truck ( according to the teachers at daycare, this comes out as "fruck".  I have yet to hear this little gem.), sit, d'oh, more, milk, whoa, and his favorite, no

Some of his favorite activities are pulling out every pot and pan we own and "cooking" with a wooden spoon.  This involves "mixing" something in the pot or pan and then requiring everyone to taste it while saying "hot".   He also loves pushing around a broom and putting things in the trash can.

..I guess I can forget that MLB contract.  Sound like this kid is more cut out for the set of Downton Abbey.

Hunter has also recently discovered music.  He loves to dance, and strum on his Daddy's guitar.

Currently Hunter has 8 teeth and three molars.  We are having some biting issues at daycare (he has bitten other kids) and we aren't quite sure if it is coming from frustration, or teething.  We don't know how to discipline him because he doesn't bite at home.  So if any super moms out there have some advice for disciplining after the fact, that would be awesome.  He is also starting to test his limits;  touching things he isn't supposed to touch, going places he isn't supposed to go, the usual.  I am hoping this is the start of the Terrible Twos and there will be an early ending.

He really seems to enjoy going to "school".  His favorite teacher is Ms. Tara and on the days I pick him up, he goes around and says bye to each of the kids in his class individually.

Enough messing around.  We're going to be late.
Otherwise, Bubbers, we love you so much.  I cannot believe how quickly you are growing up.  You aren't my baby anymore, you are a little boy.  You are this walking, talking little person with opinions.  But you are so much fun. Watching you play and figure things out fascinates me-- I could do it all day long.  Every day I look forward to coming home and seeing what new thing you have learned today.  You bring so much joy and fulfillment to my life.

Always & Forever,


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Seriously laughed out loud when you talked about putting a cloche on him. Seems like a good option. Henry is not a safety baby and has already catapulted himself into the kitchen sink out of my arms. I was close to go to the ER, too. But, he seems fine. But then again, I was never banking on doctor and lawyer (he is the product of Ryan and I after all).

Ryan told me the other day that he wants to get Henry an inflatable pool seat thing and just make Henry wear it all the time. Seems like a good option.

In other news, Hunter is too stinking cute. I hope he gets over this band of illnesses soon. I'm having to learn that vacation time is no longer mine. It's pretty much Henry's. Which makes me want to throw a temper tantrum like those in the Terrible Twos.

*claire* said...

i'm personally glad you were so behind on these posts - i enjoyed reading about the holidays now - something that got old in january when everyone else posted their recaps (myself included!)

and ugh, poor sick kiddo. i do not look forward to that stage (and the bumps and bruises). he has grown up so much! i remember it fondly like it was just yesterday, reading your post about being multiple months pregnant already! :)