Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Das HOVAS Review

There is no doubt, that the biggest form of traffic I get to this blog is people looking for reviews of IKEA's HOVAS.  

If you aren't caught up on this modern day love story, JEGs and I fell in love with the HOVAS in December 2010.  However, we decided to hold off on purchasing it since we were not sure if it would fit in our soon-to-be home.  A year later, we bought it as a Christmas gift to ourselves.  

We purchased two white slip covers; the first for me to attempt to dye a smokey charcoal, and the second in case the dye job didn't work.

It was a good thing we did we bought two.  It was a marbled hot mess.  

Granted, I was trying to dye it in a small washer and dryer, but even our bathtub was not large enough for these slipcovers.  I probably could have taken them to the laundromat and gave that a try, but I wasn't about to get fined for screwing up an industrial sized washer.  No ma'am.

So to those asking about my dye job, the answer is:  It didn't work.  

Whomp whomp.

So how do I live with a toddler and a white couch?  I cheat.

I snagged a cheap queen size sheet set in white and use the fitted sheet to cover the bottom cushions of the couch.

The pillow cases go over the arm rests

 and the flat sheet is tucked around the back cushions.

Yeah, I know.  I have a slipcover over my slipcover.  But with Hunters goldfish-and-strawberry-crusted hands climbing all over it, you would too.  

We are incredibly happy with our HOVAS.  I was concerned about it's massive size in our teeny tiny living room, but it's low profile and clean lines seem to minimize it.  It is comfortable enough for JEGs to lie down and I can still sit comfortably on the end.  If we have accommodate a guest, removing the back two cushions makes it about the size of a twin bed.  

My only issue is the back cushions tend to get smooshed after someone has been sitting.  A quick fluff or flip fixes that problem, however.  

Over all, I think this is a good couch at a really good price point.  If IKEA would come out with a couple more colors, I would be even happier.

And yes, that is a new coffee table.  No, it is not nearly blog-worthy yet.  I have a lot of work to do with it still, but I am waiting for warmer temperatures.

Always & Forever,


karen said...

Looks good! Glad you like. Maybe I need a new sofa? Maybe I need an Ikea near me...

LizzieBeth said...

KP... maybe you just need a shopping trip to the IKEA near me. ;)


Anonymous said...

Have you heard of Bemz? They make slipcovers for IKEA furniture, maybe they make something for the HOVAS?