Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DIY "Ceramic" Vases

 I have been mildly obsessed with these West Elm ceramic vases for a while

They ranged in price from $19 for the 6" squat vase to $59 for 18" tall vase. While I don't think those prices are ungodly, I knew I could recreate them much cheaper.

I've had these three woven vases for about four years now.  They've been moved to every surface of this house, but most recently they have taken up home in our guest room closet. They look short and stubby on our mantle, and their natural color looks washed out with the yellow walls in our kitchen.  I decided they were begging for a make over.

The price tags on the bottom said they were $12.99 for the large one and $7.99 for the smaller two.  But I know me, and there is no way I paid that much for them.  I'm going to assume they were at least 50% off making them at least $14.50 for the trio.

I snagged some spray paint I had from the basement from other projects and gave them each two coats of primer and two coats of color  

L to R: Valspars Dove Gray, Valspar Primer,  Krylon Gloss White and Krylon Gloss Smoke Gray
I let them dry and now they really pop on our kitchen buffet!

They aren't an identical match, but not bad considering I used what I had lying around the house.  The best part is my version is not ceramic-- so I don't have to worry about little toddler hands reaching for them and knocking them over.

One day I'll be able to have nice things again.  When Hunter moves out.  ;)

Always & Forever,

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claire @ a peachtree city life said...

very cute! i would probably never think to spray woven something a gray like that - but it's looks fab! (and was much cheaper!)