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Hunter: 20 Months

Note: Since I never did a post for Hunter's 18 month-- and I never got around to taking a 19 month picture-- I am just going to skip right to 20 months and recap the last three months.  Also, you'll notice the chair and monkey combo have gone by the way side.  I couldn't keep him in the chair any longer and I kept dodging a thrown monkey.  From now on his monthly picture will be taken next to our "growth chart" in the kitchen.  

33 1/4 inches tall (98%)
26 pounds (50%)

When I last left you at 17 months, parenting the monster was not easy.  I didn't say this, but when I was on night shifts I would dread waking up in the morning because I knew the next six hours was going to be nothing but yelling and tears from both Hunter and I.  

I am happy to say, it seemed to be a passing phase and that child is no more.  In his place is my sweet little boy who listens.  

Well,  as much as a toddler will listen.  Just trust me when I say it's gotten better.

I think a big part of it has to do with two things:  first off, we have found a disciplinary system that works for us (you can e-mail me if you want more information) and also, we have started giving him more freedom and treating him like a big boy, and not a baby.  One of the major changes is instead of having the baby gate stretched across the entire living room, we now only have the fireplace and television blocked off.  This gives Hunter full access to the kitchen as well as the landing on the steps.  Our thinking was in giving him more freedom, he has to listen.  If he doesn't listen, the freedom is taken away.  So far it has worked really well!

In other major news, soon after his 18 month appointment, we decided to flip his car seat around. 

JEGs had been talking about doing this soon after his first birthday, and I wasn't convinced.  Every time the subject came up I quoted the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) recommendation that he should stay rear-facing until he was 2 like it was one of the Ten Commandments.  JEGs insisted that he didn't have enough room.  We finally agreed to let our pediatrician make the choice.

The doctor nonchalantly said 'oh yeah.  If he can't stretch his legs out, you can turn him around.  He's practically the size of a two-year-old anyway'.

Well hell, Doc.
So later that day JEGs flipped his seat around, and that weekend we flipped mine.  I have to say, it's much more enjoyable to be able to see him now.  I think he enjoys it more too.

His bedtime has become almost a well-oiled machine.  For a while there, we were a little willy-nilly about everything, and wouldn't take him up until he started to act tired.  This meant we might not take him upstairs until nearly 8:30 and by then he was so overly tired, it was harder to get him down.  Now at 7:15, we take him upstairs, brush his teeth, take a bath if needed, and into his jammie jams.  Some times we will read to him, but mostly it's lights out by 7:40 at the latest and in his crib after a couple lullabies.  

In an effort to let him do big boy things, I try to let him brush his own teeth as much as possible.  It usually ends up with me taking over after he has sucked all the toothpaste off his brush, but he does actually do the brushing motion here and there.

He gets a utensil at all meals, and his breakfast, lunch and snacks can be eaten at his little table in the kitchen-- dinner is served in his high chair so we can eat as a family.

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Hunter is a total ham.  He is always doing silly things and preforming for the audience

I can tell he is going to be a bit of a smart ass (much like his mother).  He was walking around with his bowl of oatmeal one morning and I told him to sit down.  This is what he did:

  The look on his face clearly says "well, you didn't tell me where to sit, Mom".

He is very much a little boy; he loves to play outside and is usually covered in mud.  He still walks like a drunk person so he has cuts and bruises all over his body.  A week or so ago he got two black eyes within 24 hours- the first was when he tripped and fell into the coffee table and the second happened the next day when he tripped again at daycare and fell into a book case.  

he'll kick yer arse, laddy.
 Anything with wheels continues to be his main obsession.

My friends on Facebook know that we made the mistake of introducing him to Pixar's Cars.  I cannot even find the words to describe how many times we watch this movie.  It's the first thing he asks for in the morning.  I can usually hold him off till after breakfast, and then he runs right over to the couch, pointing at the TV and saying "Caaaaars?  Caaaaars?"  To break the monotony, we brought Cars 2 into the mix, but I find it to be a little violent and it seems to scare him.  So back to rewinding and replaying.  Not only do JEGs and I know it word for word, but Hunter can even quote it-- loves the line 'I think we got ourselves a nodder!'  Hunter love love loves Mater, and has a Tow Mater push toy that he plays with more then any other toy he has.

For the record, my favorite character is Guido.  PIT STOP!

On Good Friday, JEGs and Hunter came to visit me at work.  Hunter loved seeing real helicopters and planes up close.

I am going to leave you with this final gem: Hunter's first class picture.  Please note his playa- pose and the fact he is literally surround by girls.  

But it's all good.  His number one lady, Jenna, is right above him. #truelove

Love you so much bubbers!

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claire @ a peachtree city life said...

it seems like this is such a fun age. i'm sure the 'tude is annoying at times, but it must be so fun to see his personality come out :) he seems like so much fun.

and i had to show the class photo to tony because he wanted to know why i was laughing so hard. that pose. priceless.