Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Falconhead Holiday House Tour 2013

 Disclaimer:  this is the first time I am shooting in manual.  If the pictures suck.. well, deal with it.  I'm still learning..


Ermergherd I love Christmas so much.  This year I am so excited to share the holiday with Hunter.  The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we put the tree up during his nap.  When he came downstairs afterwards, he started saying "Oo! Itsa Christmas tree!!  It has yights (lights) on it!"  Every day he gets excited to "help"  Mommy plug in the lights.  

This year, we were able to trust Hunter to not bring the Christmas tree crashing to the ground and set it up in the living room again (last year it was tucked away in the kitchen).   The living room is a lighted ball of festivity

Can we be real for a second?  I am damn proud of this mantle.  Around Thanksgiving I started getting a vision in mind and this is exactly what I saw.  I love it so much.  

I really wanted a simple, classic look with lots of sparkle.   I broke out my chunky candle sticks from Party Lite (no longer available).  And of course added my 'Ark of the Covenant' deer that JEGs loves so much (heavy sarcasm).

In years past I've always gone very symmetrical, but this year I decided to add these BLOMSTER candle sticks from IKEA.  I.  LOVE.  THEM.  $14.99, y'all.  You can't beat that.   I am pretty sure these will never be put away.

Our stockings are hung with care, each with a jeweled initial.  

I love these stockings so much.  I might hit up the December 26th sale and grab one more.  You know, just in case...

Last year, I couldn't find an H for Hunter's stocking, so I had this dinky pin.  I was so excited when Target brought these back this year, I snagged it-- *gasp*-- at full price.  I know.  I must have really wanted it.

The garland was on the steps last year, but this year I wrapped it with some gold and silver ribbon  from Michael's.

I would like to remind the class that the JOY stocking holders were free on Freecycle.  Winning.  

Even though we moved the tree back into the living room, we still decorated with Hunter-proof ornaments.  We don't trust him that much.  Last year I invaded the Target after-Christmas clearance and bought all the felt and wood ornaments I could get my hands on.  

I still have a couple that have sentimental value.  This is something I inherited from my mom.  It was always a favorite of mine growing up (probably because it's gold and covered in glitter).

I also added DIY ornaments from the past like our glittered sea shells and this guy from 2010

We are trying to enforce the "one finger" rule with Hunter.  It kind of works...

The banister got it's usual swag of garland and lights.

Since my child is 100 ft tall and can reach all points of the kitchen table, I needed a durable centerpiece.  I  set my jute trees on a gold charger with some pine cones.  Rustic at it's finest.  

The buffet got a make-under this year.  We hosted a holiday party this year, and I used that area for serving beverages.  I didn't want to have to deconstruct some elaborate set up for one night, so I went simple. with a linen table runner, two faux  trees in burlap, my other two candlesticks, and wreath in the windows.

I also put our nativity set up front and center.

I had this pine cone garland from last year leftover, so I quickly sat it on the window sill.

Are you guys ready for some night time shots?  Again, first time in manual mode, so bare with me..

Living room


extreme nativity... whooooaaaa

Just the tree (I am having a devil of a time getting that start to stand up straight)...

Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy holiday!

Want to take a look at previous years?  Here is 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.  

Always & Forever,


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

It's beautiful. The tree is gorgeous!

BLW Squared said...

Where did you get your nativity?! I collect them and I absolutely love yours! Is it monster friendly?