Monday, December 6, 2010

Dare to DIY: Week 4

This week it's all about giving!

I started this project with the idea of creating a homemade ornament like last year.  However, when I saw this weeks assignment for Kim's Dare to DIY Party was to make a homemade gift, I thought this would be great to share as a small token for family members or friends.

This is what you will need:

  • Felt
  • Scissors (they can be your own.  You don't have to steal Jeff's like I did).
  • batting ( mine was leftover from this project.)
  • thread
  • sewing needles
  • pen
  • template (you can also use a cookie cutter for an outline)
One of my favorite symbols of the season is the dove.  They are the symbols of love and peace and are found in Christianity and Judaism.

...or I might be obsessed with bird silhouettes.  That is a possibility.

Take the template and trace it twice on the felt in opposite directions (you'll need one for the front and one for the back).

 Cut them out.

Next, stitch a design on the front.  I chose a lazy daisy stitch to create a floral design on the front.  After you have finished your design on the front, use a blanket stitch all the way around to sew the front and back together.   Before you sew it shut, stuff in a little batting.

Voila.  You have yourself a vintage-inspired bird ornament.

I also stitched the year on the back:

Looking back, it kinda reminds of my keychain.  Maybe I do have an obsession.

So how about you folks?  Do DIY gifts, or are you a strictly by-the-list person?

Always & Forever,


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This is so pretty! I love the stitching around the outside.

Thanks for sharing on Dare to DIY. I really appreciate it.

bethany said...

you can never, ever have too many bird silhouettes. it's simply not possible!

these are adorable, and combine me love of embroidery and birds. utter perfection!

also, i just realized that this is your first married christmas! are you and jegs starting any new traditions? :)

*claire* said...

so pretty! :)

Your New Marketing Genius! said...

I have a naked tree. I will take about 30 of them...get working! haha. jk. maybe I'll make some this weekend.<3 ya!

Lucky Girl said...

Very sweet! Nice work!

Shannon said...

Serious? I kinda adore these. I luuuuurve birds...obviously. You could sell these puppies! If you want, when I someday open my etsy shop, you make, I sell. We'll totally be kazillionaires.

Oonafey said...

OMG! I love these, they are ridiculously gorgeous.

Amanda said...

I have just realized my new found love for felt, so I'll have to give these a whirl. Hope they brighten up your Christmas house! :)