Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wedding Crashing: Mountian Rustic

This past weekend, JEGs and I traveled up to Macungie, PA for a wedding held at Bear Creek Mountain Resort

Friends, this place was a decor whore's dream.  Modern, rustic, sleek, AND environmentally friends.  I adored it.

Our room was so warm and inviting.

Hello big gorgeous mirror, how are you?  My name is Lizzie.  Would you like to come home with me?

Normally, I would be all "alright with the checked pattern already", but I really loved the contrast between the larger and smaller patterns.

I've never been skiing before, but if it means I get to hang up my jacket here after a long day of hittin' the slopes, sign me up!

Big bronze-framed mirror:  gorg.  Black granite counter tops: I die.  Multiple times.

Oh yeah, the wedding.  Let's talk about that.

JEGs grew up next door to the groom, Eric.  We had just met the bride, Meghan, this past June, and I was instantly smitten with her.  She's a sassy red-head, and you know we sassy Gingers have to stick together.

The ceremony was held in a beautiful church, and I have to say it was easily the most beautiful ceremony I had ever attended.  It was a full Catholic mass which at first made me a little antsy.  However the priest of officiated the ceremony had known the bride all her life and was able to not only make the service personal, but also very funny!

The church

Meg and her father

 What I loved most about this wedding was the simplicity of it all.  Other then the purple on the bridesmaids dresses, everything was decked out in earth tones-- so appropriate for a November wedding!

The centerpieces had no flowers, only a single lantern atop a block of wood with the table number painted on each side and a ring of berries surrounding it.

The ring of berries were also echoed at the cake table

All the decor, including the buffet table, was very minimalist, but still had a very pull-together feel.

My absolute favorite thing about the decor (and I am kicking myself that I didn't take a picture earlier) was the escort card table.  They took branches and made notches in each of them to hold the place cards.  Holy crap, best idea.  Ever.  So jealous I didn't think of it ;)

OMG, can we talk about the food for a minute?  De.  Vine.  During the cocktail hour I practically hunted down the girl carrying around the raspberry and brie puff pastries.  Everytime she would walk by, I perked up and was all "Yes, I would love some" before she even asked.

For dinner, I ordered the filet mignon.  That was wrapped in bacon.  And infused with cheese.  It was like a cholesterol nightmere, but it was sooo friggin good.
They used to play Transformers together

Meghan and Eric met while attending Penn State.  I've been to a couple PSU weddings, and most of them are the same;  bridesmaids wear blue and carry white flowers, and every surface has a lion on it.  I get it... We are Penn State and all that jazz.  These two (God bless them) didn't go that route.  Instead, someone dressed up as a Nittany Lion toting a flag ran in the reception and stuck around for a couple photos!

I almost forgot to tell you about the other guests at our table.  We were afraid we weren't really going to know anyone becaue the only other people we had ever met (once) were sitting at another table.  We were pleasently surprised when this guy sat down next to JEGs and introduced himself as Joel, and JEGs was all, hey I know you-- we grew up together!

So we are doing the usual, where do you live, what do you do, this , that and the other thing.  Then I heard the best words I've ever heard from another wedding guest:

Joel:  I'm a stage manager for Martha Stewart's show, 'Martha'.
Me:  I love you. 
Joel.  Ooooo.  K?  Never got that reaction before.

After bombarding him with questions like Do you know Eddie Ross too? ( No.)  Is Martha wonderful as she seems? (She's ok.  Not a bitch like some might think)  Does she shit rainbows?  (I never looked)  Who was the craziest guest ever? (Jeff Goldblum.  He talkes in third person)  I think he realized my obsession with She Who is Crafty. 

All in all it was a beautiful wedding, and we couldn't be happier for the couple!  Best wishes to you and we hope to see you soon!


*claire* said...

wow, that place looks absolutely beautiful (love the porch!). and what a lovely backdrop for a wedding - all of that stained glass.... :)
you guys look great too!

Danielle and Clint said...

Her centerpieces were so cute and clever!

Lynett said...

Gorgeous location! And you guys look great- you shoulda asked Martha's little partners for some tix or something ;)

Heather said...

I love Bear Creek! It's about ten min away from my parents' house, and while looking for a wedding venue we were actually debating pretty hard between there and Normandy Farm. For a summer wedding, though, Normandy came out on top (their food was actually a little better in our eyes...as was their open bar package ;)

Anonymous said...

YAAAAY!!!! I was so excited to see this post. I've never commented before (because I never knew how) so hopefully you'll see this message. It was great seeing you guys and I'm glad you loved the weekend! I did too. Hope to see you guys again soon!!

Michele, aka the Bride's Sister, or Maid of Honor (ha!)

Anonymous said...

Oh and P.S., I was obsessed with that book shelf/coat hanger thing as well. It took everything in me not to try and sneak it home.

JEGs said...

If we had LB's Jeep instead of my car...I can only assume we'd be getting massive bills from the hotel for all the stuff that would have gone home with us haha.

The place was SO awesome. She didn't mention the awesome bar down stairs (with Victory Festbier ON TAP)...as well as the indoor/outdoor pool and indoor/outdoor hot tubs. So relaxing being in a hot tub outside when its cold out!!!

P.S...I dont think Eric and I ever played transformers. We tried to play GI Joes once, but as soon as we set up a whole battle situation, my mom called me in for the night so we had to abort.

Amanda said...

Love the sassy pose you're sporting in the last picture, girlfriend. The place looks like an awesome winter getaway.

P.S. The fact that JEGS comments on your blog is adorable.

Lucky Girl said...

You both look great in that last photo!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I love your dress and the last photo of the two of you. The location looked great and the wedding looked lovely. Love the table numbers, too.

Oonafey said...

I spit beer on my laptop at "Does she shit rainbows? (I never looked.)" Thanks, thanks a lot.

BTW, your boobies look huge in that dress! lol