Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm Like the Nancy Drew of Smells.

This past week, I kept smelling something funky.

It was everywhere I went too:  the car, our apartment, my office.  I could smell it before I showered and after I showered so it wasn't me (thank god).  However, it was driving me absolutely batty.

So the other day I'm looking for my phone in my purse, and out of frustration I dumped my purse out onto my desk.  I saw the usual stuff; planner, wallet, keys, lip gloss, diva sunglasses...

Whoa whoa whoa..  You guys-- what the eff was that??

Friends, I found the smell.  It was lunch meat.

When I went food shopping on Monday, the lady at the deli counter gave me a slice of ham as a taste test. I wasn't really hungry, so I only nibbled on about half of it.

I guess I wasn't really thinking, and I wrapped the other half up and just stuck it in my purse.  Where it stayed for 5 days. 
So the Mystery of the Funky Smell has been solved:  it was the week old lunch meat.  And he would have gotten away with if wasn't for those meddling kids, and their dog.
Always & Forever,


bethany said... I absolutely love this.

I once had a similar experience with a tupperware container in my car. It had slid under my seat...and it was summer. Not pretty.

Oonafey said...

That is seriously gross. I am pleasantly surprised that this hasn't ever happened to me. I stick everything in my purse figuring I'll organize it later... Which usually turns into 3 weeks later... lol

*claire* said...

that is hilarious. you will always have the "that time i left lunchmeat in my purse" story :)

i had frozen shrimp spend a week in my trunk once. in august. in georgia. let's just say there were bugs, and a lingering odor (going on over 2 years now....)