Friday, December 31, 2010

Fabulous December

You guys!!  It's New Years EVE!!!  Before you pop the bubbly and start celebrating the new year, let's look back at December... cause it was kinda fabulous. 

Peppermint Bark.

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I totally blame Shennanigans for this newest obsession.  She had to go and post this delish recipe on her blog, and of course I just HAD to make it.  Then I just HAD to eat half of it. Chocolate AND mint??  I didn't stand a chance.  The other half quarter of it eventually made it to my co-workers as gifts. 
Christmas Cards

Not only do I love getting letters in the mail, but add a cute kid to it as well-- I'm practically in heaven.  This year as all about the adora-freakin-ble munchkins on Christmas cards, and I loved them all.  No lie: my friends and family makes some good looking spawn. 

Cee Lo Green

Newest favorite song.  So much fun to listen to in the car.  My pilot is tired of hearing it, but I am never tired of singing this song!

Christmas Lights

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One of my favorite things about this season is all the crazy lights displays people erect during the holiday season.  It makes my day a little brighter (pun intended).

Happy New Year everyone!  Hope you have a fun and safe night!!

Always & Forever,


bethany said...

I am waaaaaay late in commenting, but hey. It's heart that counts, not puncuality, yes?

I'm glad someone made Shannon's peppermint bark. I had this grand scheme that I was going to whip that up while studying for finals, so I could gift it to all my friends...didn't happen. I'm living vicariously through your bark.

And yes on the lights. Are you sad they're coming down now? There's one house in my hood that over decorates to the extreme. We call it Seizure Central...I'm certain individuals with epilepsy must give that block a wide berth.

Hope your New Years was flawless!

Oonafey said...

Ha! Our neighbors across the street have a whole Clark Griswold thing going on during the Holidays. We don't even attempt to compete. In fact, this year the outdoor lights didn't even make it up...

Mmmm... peppermint bark. I saw her post, but the Mister is allergic to chocolate! What a freak, right? So I made it with no chocolate bottom and Reece's Pieces instead. Yum.

BTW, it's Jan. 9th, where the heck are you?!